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Occlusal topography made simple with a stamp

IMG_1622Dentistry has high standards of quality and efficiency. Being efficient and effective is important to having a successful and we’ll run business. The way we fill preps is determined by scientific evidence that says how much material to add, where, when and how- all concerned with providing the strongest yet most flexible and long lasting composite filling. Many schools of thought teach the layering method. Adding composite in increments, one side and the other. They teach their students to study and memorize occlusal anatomy- the cusps, slopes, margins, grooves, pits and ridges. However, other theories on filling composite preps require less finicking with your plastic instrument, and possibly more accurate topography.

Personal finance in the digital age

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 4.52.29 PMWatch the video in this post from Ryan Schulte, a partner in financial advising from Envision Wealth Group. Ryan has been working with dental students and dentists for many years. He says one of the biggest things people are noticing across the country is the mess being made from lack of personal financing. Budgeting is important! The digital age makes it too convenient to venmo your friends, set “auto-reload” to your Starbucks account app, or buy pretty much anything by synching your credit card with the Target app. On average, people are only saving 3-4% of their income. We should be aiming for around 15-20% in savings. Shocking, but with hard work and dedication, you’ll be happy you did!

What do you do when a patient is more focused on their chart than on you?

snooping-patientI recall an encounter I had with a new patient of mine. She was a middle-aged woman who has not seen a dentist in a very long time. The visit started with a “Welcome to UCSF” message, a brief overview of the clinic operations, and the goal for today’s appointment. At UCSF, we are taught to sit face-to-face when using the computer instead of behind the patient to allow adequate eye contact. It also allows for a more collaborative platform when discussing treatment plan options. I apologized to the patient in advance if there are times when I am focused on editing my note or navigating my way through Axium. But this patient wanted more than just a discussion. Keep reading to find out what happened and weigh in on how you would have handled it…

Dental coding contest: A review of the ADA’s CDT Companion

CDT Kit and AppThe ADA’s CDT companion is like the encyclopedia of dental procedures and nomenclature. How many times have you looked for a procedure code in your clinic computer program and you couldn’t quite pick a code that met your procedure in particular? Patients situations, diagnosis and your treatments are often difficult to categorize into a set list of codes. However, what many of us don’t know are that there are so many codes out there that we are unaware of. In dental school, we aren’t always taught the importance of coding, and coding with accuracy. If you aren’t careful about what you are coding, there can be severe consequences. There have been reported cases of dentists coding inaccurately and therefore suffering legal consequences. Understanding what you are charging the patient for, and what you are filing through insurance is extremely important…

Making a difference in ADA Mission of Mercy

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 10.00.26 PMVolunteers from all across the nation gathered in San Antonio, Texas for the shared purpose of bridging the gap to oral care for patients unable to attain dental care due to financial reasons. During October 11-12, the ADA Mission of Mercy (MOM) transformed the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center into a fully functioning oral care center. On Saturday, the center was equipped with portable dental chairs and tables necessary to perform X-rays, sterilizations, exams, fillings, extractions, oral surgeries, endodontic treatment and even prosthodontic treatment. I was one of the predental students who volunteered my time to the ADA MOM with the hope of helping make a difference in the oral care of the community. Read about Ileana’s experience…