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7 steps to planning an outreach trip abroad

Are you looking to plan an outreach trip abroad? Whether you’d prefer to venture overseas for a few short weeks, or create an annual program with sustainable care, there are a few general items that should be on your to-do list. And let’s be honest: If you’re in dental school, you have a to-do list.Travel-abroad

Essential ADEA AADSAS application pointers

applying-to-dental-schoolAlthough the ADEA AADSAS application will not be officially open until June 2 (which seems like an eternity away), there are a lot of components of the application which can be worked on even before it opens. Here are some tips which will help the whole application process be less stressful.

Three tips to help dental students save money

GEICO logoLet’s face it; getting an undergraduate degree can be expensive. Throw in dental school and there’s a good chance you paid a pretty penny for your education. Chances are when you receive your dental degree, there’s some debt attached to it. Here a few ways to keep your expenses under control as you pursue your dental career and during its early stages.

Florida chapter hosts first ever Dental Discussion Series (DDS)

Florida DDS eventIt started with a lunchtime conversation. While discussing midlevel providers (MLPs), my friends and I quickly came to the conclusion that we didn’t know much about the issue. I remember joking about planning a debate between two of our professors that were very vocal about holding different stances on the topic, and how it would (at the very least) be highly entertaining.