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Teen earns national service award for toothbrush collection

PaigeAlenick2 (2)“While brushing my teeth one night in 2010 when I was 16, I had the thought to start collecting toothbrushes. I researched and found out that, outside of major corporations like Colgate, not many individuals had made a concerted effort to improve the state of oral care in the US and overseas through the widespread distribution of this simple implement which many of us take for granted. Most people are not aware that dental caries are the most common chronic disease in the world; however, they are largely preventable with proper oral care.” Paige Alenick is a young lady with a vision. ASDA read about her story of how she was able to collect toothbrushes for those who need them most…

Dental student takes a year off for NIH research

I am ecstatic to share my research experiences and lessons with you! To start, I am corn fed Midwestern, born and raised in Kansas, moved to Missouri for my undergraduate degree, and headed west for a goldmine of knowledge in San Francisco at UCSF to pursue my DDS. Currently, I live in Bethesda, Maryland. “Why?” I have taken a year between my clinical training years at UCSF to do research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Specifically, I am apart of the NIH Medical Research Scholars Program (MRSP) and am doing research at the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.

Change is brewing in the dental job market

ASDA-Article-KSJ-Blog-Badge-305x206The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the number of dentist jobs will grow by an impressive 21% between 2010 and 2020. This above-average jobs growth rate is due in part to a rising demand for dental services. Not only are people keeping their teeth for longer, but they’re also becoming more educated on the connection between oral health and overall health. Coupled with this growing demand will be a lower supply as an unprecedented number of dentists reach retirement age. With these and other factors in mind, the American Dental Association anticipates a sharp drop in the ratio of dentists to Americans between 2010 and 2030…

The dental spa: polishing or tarnishing?

180454345Whether it’s soothing music, massage chairs or a warm blanket, more and more dental offices are now embracing the concept of comfort enhancement for their patients. For those who are calling out for luxury, these offices answer in a big way. In particular, one dental spa markets itself as a place where patients can walk in for a healthier looking smile in only 20 minutes. With slogans like “Dental office with a spa feel,” “No drills, no fills and no moaning here,” some offices only offer coronal scaling, polishing and whitening.

How mentorship can guide you to success

178625019Mentors. Not only is finding a great mentor crucial for this long journey to becoming a dentist but also being one to fellow classmates will be benefit you. Being a first-generation college student I can’t go to my parents for this type of advice or guidance. Along this journey I have met several types of mentors.

Mentors. Not only is finding a great mentor crucial for this long journey to becoming a dentist, but also being one to a fellow classmate can benefit both of you. As a first-generation college student, I couldn’t go to my parents for advice or guidance. Along this journey, I have met several types of mentors.