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Does a “chief complaint” change patient care?

Dentist and Patient Examining X-rayA new class is settling into clinic and treatment planning seems to be happening in every other chair. An intake interview is happening next to me and I hear, “Um… What’s your chief complaint?” I cringe. I see the patient’s head tilt slightly. His brows furrow revealing confusion. I take a guess at what he’s thinking, “What in the world is this kid asking me?!”

Learning (reputation management) from Lochte

ryan_lochteEven amidst a posse of talented teenagers on the elite U.S. team of athletes, 32 year-old Ryan Lochte managed to garner himself a gold medal in the “Irresponsible All-Around” category of the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Lochte captured summer headlines surrounding the second week of the XXXI Olympiad with his law-enforcement run-in, allegedly vandalizing a public building and falsely claiming victimhood of robbery at gunpoint while in Brazil, according to August reports from USA Today, CNN and The Rolling Stone. His name was splashed across the news and social media. These same sources reported critiques of his character, his maturity and his negativity that was heaped upon the Olympics’ image. Frustrations ensued when he managed to briefly detract from the spectacle that Rio de Janeiro worked to create against a world’s apprehension around their host role. His actions and personality were under scrutiny. The media sensed blood in the water, and Ryan Lochte was no longer the predator in this pool.

How synesthesia helps me see the world differently

screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-4-44-53-pmOn my first day of Organic Chemistry, our professor handed each of us a packet containing the major functional groups and their corresponding pKa values. We were told to memorize them. Many students frantically made flashcards, and quizzed each other out loud. Meanwhile, I studied by watching football.

When I looked at the functional groups, I not only saw ketones, esters and carboxylic acids, but to me, each structure resembled an NFL team and my favorite fantasy football players. I make these associations subconsciously. It’s been second nature to me my entire life.

8 tips on surviving your first year of dental school

studying with devicesCongratulations to all the first-year dental students all over the United States. You have all worked very hard to get to this point and must continue to do so to to earn your degree. Starting dental school marks not only the start of an important chapter in your professional career, but also the beginning of many new lifestyle choices. In this transitional, yet critical, point in your dental education, I’d like share some tips to help you survive your first year…

How nature can reboot your mood

natureFor me, the start of third year was the most exciting part of dental school thus far. Finally being in clinic full-time was the light at the end of a two-year tunnel of intense didactic coursework and preclinical projects. Seeing patients of my own also helped me feel like an actual dentist and at my school, we are lucky to each have our own operatory.

I remember the very first day I excitedly walked into my little office–with my own chair, desk, computer and three windowless walls. But, after a month of sitting in the same small room, day after day, I could feel those three walls closing in on me.

Snoring or interrupted sleep may signal a serious condition

osa-mouthingoff-imagecropForty percent of adults over 40 snore – half of them every night; and while for most of these individuals snoring may be nothing more than a social inconvenience, for more than 18 million Americans it may be a symptom of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), a potentially life-threatening condition.