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ASDA’s national publications, ASDA News and Mouth, are planned and written by dental student members. You may take for granted that an ASDA News shows up in your mailbox 10 times a year and a glossy copy of Mouth is delivered each season, and that’s ok. We hope that these benefits have become such a part of your dental education that they feel normal and you can’t imagine dental school without them. But don’t take for granted that your classmates at your school and colleagues around the country have put time and research into every article you read. Over the course of 2011, ASDA News published 115 articles and Mouth published 55. Most of those articles were written by dental students, with a few exceptions written by dentists who were solicited by the editorial board. (You can write for ASDA too. Click this link to fill out our online submission form and an editor will contact you about your story idea.)

Putting together a publication of this caliber is no small feat. ASDA’s editorial board is made up of an editor-in-chief and four contributing editors. Without Colleen Greene (Harvard ’13), Matthew Ronconi (Los Angeles ’12), Alexandra Malebranche (Columbia ’12), Kallie Law (Alabama ’12) and Katie Divine (Minnesota ’13), the publications would not have your voice and your words. These dental student editors work hard to plan content and solicit your submissions for publication. In fact, Mouth won the 2011 Meskin Journalism award for excellence in dental student publications from the American Association of Dental Editors.

So after a year of publishing more than 150 articles, we feel compelled to look back at the best work. This year, the editorial board chose 5 nominees each for the Gold Crown awards in best ASDA News article and best Mouth article. You’ll have to attend ASDA’s 2012 Annual Session later this month in Minneapolis if you want to be first to see who wins. They will be awarded at ASDA’s first ever Gold Crown Awards ceremony.

All of the nominees wrote stellar articles and I encourage you to read these if you haven’t done so already. Also, if a nominee is from your chapter, congratulate them! Their work rose to the top of 150+ articles–that’s a big deal. And finally, your nominees…


HIV testing in the dental setting 
by Keith Bracy, Stonybrook ’12 (March issue)

Dentistry going digital 
by Eric Mencarelli, Michigan ’14 (Aug. issue)

Student-to-student injections: learning experience or unethical?
By Alexandra E. Forest, Michigan ’14 (Sept. issue)

Debt ceiling legislation increases the cost of dental education
by Martin Smallidge, Pittsburgh ’14 (Oct. issue)

What I learned from touring District 7
by Ben Youel, Illinois ’13 (Dec. issue)


Adan’s story: a glimpse into Honduran dentistry
by Stephanie Cappiello, Los Angeles ’13 (summer issue)

Trends in the dental workforce
by David Guthrie, Harvard ’14 (fall issue)

Adjuncts in oral cancer screening
by Matthew Reiland, Minnesota ’13 (fall issue)

Dr. Dugoni: a mover and shaker
by Danielle Marquis, Pacific ’13 (winter issue)

A life dedicated to dentistry’s next generation
by Rick Andolina, Buffalo ’13 (winter issue)

Congratulations to this year’s nominees! Stay tuned for the winners to be announced at the Gold Crown Awards ceremony on Friday, March 2. Can’t make it to Annual Session this year? Check back on Mouthing Off all week for live updates! You’ll get videos from the sessions, news of the Gold Crown winners and the results of the elections right here. Subscribe for even quicker updates!
~Kim Schneider, communications editor & (proud) staff liaison to the editorial board


More on the Gold Crown Awards:

ASDA is holding its first annual Gold Crown Awards ceremony and reception on Friday, March 2. Since it’s our first rodeo, we sampled some ideas from a very famous awards show being aired early that same week (the Oscars!). The application deadline has passed and 26 chapters have submitted for a Gold Crown in chapter achievements and 19 submitted for a Gold Crown in journalism.

Every chapter delegate at each dental school is eligible for the National Delegate of the Year award. Eleven will be awarded, one from each district, and one of those winners will win the great honor of national delegate of the year. Good luck to all of the delegates and the chapters that submitted this year!

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  1. Rich Groves

    The ASDA News and Mouth contributors do excellent work…having an extensive background in print publishing I have a real appreciation for the dedication and diligence this activity takes each month. The final product stands as an enduring testament(s) to the hard work involved.

    All the authors and Association staff should be proud and I ask that you share our congratulations on behalf of the editorial team at THE NEXT DDS.


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