Applying to a GPR

There are many options after graduating dental school: private practice, military, group practice, and residencies to name a few. For those of you interested in a general practice residency (GPR), here are a few tips and links you’ll want to be aware of.

Programs: How do you decide what program to apply to? The two main factors that stand out to me are location & program focus. Is it important to you to stay within a specific state or region? Or are you interested in applying to programs across the country? For many, location will be the number one deciding factor in which programs to apply to. Program focus is another factor to look at if you are specifically interested in an aspect of dentistry over another. For instance, programs at VA hospitals treat a special population and thus you are unlikely to get much exposure to children. GPR programs are traditionally in a hospital-setting so caring of the medically-compromised is a focus. However some programs see more than others. Check out the program’s website for specific information.

The Academy of General Dentistry has a search engine for postdoctoral programs by states you can look up, and it includes links to the program websites, details for their application deadlines and more.

Application: The Postdoctoral Application Support Services (PASS) is the electronic application to use when applying to residencies. The app opens later this month to applicants and submission deadlines vary per program although it is commonly suggested to “apply early”.

There are several components to the application. Beyond submission of grades and NBDE part I scores, the applicant also submits a letter of intent. Finally a number of personal evaluations (PE) (letters of recommendations) and Personal Potential Index (PPI) reviews are submitted electronically by faculty whom you’ve asked to complete on your behalf. Each program has a required number of PE’s and PPI’s to submit, but the maximum is 2 PE’s and up to 5 PPI’s.

These are a few pieces of advice that have been passed down to me. Check out the links in this post, speak with current residents, and comment here if you have any questions!

~Katie Divine, Minnesota ’13, Editor-in-Chief

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    This is definitely strong advice for specialty applicants, too. Good stuff, Katie!


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