Arizona hosts free community health and wellness day

A.T. Still University partnered with The Chandler CARE Center to host the fifth annual Free Community Health and Wellness Day on Saturday April 28 in Chandler, AZ. There were hundreds of volunteers from several different programs, including physician assistant, audiology, athletic training, physical therapy, occupational therapy, dental, and medical. With the help of faculty from ATSU’s Arizona School of Health Sciences (ASHS), Arizona School of Dental and Oral health (ASDOH), and School of Osteopathic Medicine (SOMA), the student volunteers were able to provide a varied number of services.

Free Community Health and Wellness is an annual event that hopes to provide the community with a vast array of free health services ranging from medical exams to dental procedures. This year a total of 250 individuals were seen, which is an increase from years prior. This is a trend the faculty as well as the students would like to see continue.

The Physician Assistant students, along with the SOMA students provided general medical exams, vital health readings, and health education to approximately 80 community members. These individuals ranged from infant to geriatric, males and females, and gave the students an unforgettable experience.

The dental students provided screenings and oral health instruction for a total of 97 patients, 66 adults and 31 children. A total of 54 patients received fluoride varnish and sealants were placed on 134 teeth.

The students in the athletic training program created an obstacle course for the children and provided nutritional information as well.  A total of 2 faculty and 5 student audiology volunteers performed hearing screens for a total of 57 participants (27 adults and 30 children).

The physical therapy student volunteers provided balance assessments, activity and nutritional information, bike helmet fitting, back pack safety and proper lifting techniques, as well as children’s activities: jump-rope, skip-it, and hula, hooping. The students ended their day by raffling off an adult and child size bike helmets, jump ropes, and skip-its.

The event was an overwhelming success for both the students and community members. Every student volunteer not only learned something new, but now has this experience to help guide them on their journeys through health care.

~Kinslee Scamaldo, Arizona ’15


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