ASDA wants an iPad

The iPad will be released tomorrow. Have you preordered? Meant to compete with Amazon’s Kindle, this product does a lot more than function as an e-reader. calls it “magical and revolutionary.” Maybe this is going a bit far, but it looks like one cool toy. Several of us at ASDA’s Central Office are intrigued, but no one has made a commitment just yet. There is considerable risk with being the first to buy into new technology.

Although we don’t have the means to give away an iPad, ASDA wants to thank you for your loyal readership. Whether you’re reading this blog on a desktop, a laptop, a mobile device or even an iPad (you’re from the future, of course), we appreciate you. That is why we’re holding the Mega Awesome Blog Giveaway. Also magical and revolutionary, this giveaway is for subscribers only. Go to the giveaway tab (look up!) for details on how to enter. This weekend is your last chance! The contest will officially close at noon, Central Time, on Monday April 5th. We will announce the winners right here on Wednesday, April 7th! Of course, we will notify you via email if you are one of the lucky winners!

Hurry, tell all your dental student pals to enter!

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  1. R Dulde

    Got to play with the iPad today!–I’m loving the iBooks app and all the internet abilities with pics, vids, etc. Downside: no Microsoft Office, you can only run one app at a time, and I can’t squeeze my Marfan-syndrome hands onto the touch keyboard very well.


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