Dr. Alexandra Barton Otto

5 tips for treating pediatric patients as a general dentist

As an ADA Success program speaker, I am always honored to speak to dental students from across the country on topics such as practice management, leadership and ethics, and the state of the dental profession. No matter what topic I speak on, however, I am always questioned about something that I mention in my introduction: I am a general dentist who limits my practice of dentistry to treating pediatric patients. 

My top 10 ADA Annual Session highlights

The American Dental Association’s 153rd Annual Session and meeting of the House of Delegates took place this past week in San Francisco. ASDA had a delegation of 11 students (5 voting delegates, 5 alternate delegates, and one secretary) attend the event and represent our association’s dental students at the meeting. Read on for ASDA’s top 10 list from the meeting (like ASDA’s meet & greet pictured here) …