Christine Chen

Dentistry in the U.S. Navy

Traditionally, many students graduate after four years of dental school and enter a residency or the civilian workforce. However, there is another group of dental school graduates who will serve in the military following graduation. Many of these graduates were awarded a scholarship from the Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP).

Book review: A Dentist’s Guide to the Law

This book answers 288 of the most commonly asked legal questions in dentistry. It is a unique style of formatting because it is written as a Q and A. Specifically, in using this resource, it is important to approach it as a reference regarding the legal framework surrounding a particular issue and how to approach it. It has a primary focus on federal law and does not necessarily state the law exactly as written, but rather frames the answer to the questions in a legal context.

Seven steps to a successful first year

Dentistry student with typodontThis is an open letter to the incoming first years. Congratulations! You made it through a tough application process and the fun is just about to begin. The next four years will be a whirlwind of new experiences and knowledge that will sculpt you into who you will be as a future practitioner. Here are seven steps to help you have a successful first year: