Daryn Lu

The perfect partnership

Daryn Lu found the perfect fit with his partner.Following dental school, we search high and low for the perfect fit. No matter the practice setting, chances are you’ll be working alongside another dentist. I’ve been blessed to work with an incredible mentor for the past 1.5 years.

From the moment I met him right before graduating dental school, he’s been there to support me clinically with complex cases, emotionally on the days when dentistry has kicked my butt and through leadership challenges when I’ve struggled with the team. We recently sat down for a meeting where he shared with me, “I’m happy where I am with dentistry. My greatest success will be when you succeed.”

I’m so techie, you already know

techieI’m Daryn Lu, and this is how I work. I am a self-professed tech-geek at heart. I love tinkering, I love updating, and I love learning. My phone is dependably attached to my hip (yes, I’m one of those). I’m the type to tweak my LinkedIn profile for fun (yes, it’s that bad). While technology is not always a replacement, it can certainly be used as an adjunct to help enhance productivity! I want to share with you all some of my personal favorite apps and tech that I enjoy using on a daily basis.

Lights, camera, action.. dental school?

Pop some popcorn, get out the jujubes and put a straw in the soda cup…then just stare at it, for you know it is all devastating for those pearly whites…(sigh). For those of you that suffer from the drag of summer school, take a study break, kick back, and relax and watch the self-proclaimed “Oscar-worthy”… Read more »