Kallie Law

Product Warning: Spinbrush

The FDA recently released a product warning about something near and dear to our dental student hearts — tooth brushes.  More specifically, the warning focuses on the SpinBrush brand. Spinbrushes affected by the FDA warning include: Spinbrush ProClean, SpinBrush ProClean Recharge, SpinBrush Pro Whitening, SpinBrush SONIC, Spinbrush SONIC Recharge, Spinbrush Swirl, Spinbrush Classic Clean, Spinbrush… Read more »

Paula Deen’s [not] shocking diabetes announcement

Recently, Paula Deen came clean — and we aren’t talking about licking the bowl. Deen publicly announced her diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes, a fact she’s known since 2008. As future dentists, we have a responsibility to recognize the oral manifestations of diabetes and refer appropriately.

Oral Cancer Rates on the Rise

Need another reason to encourage patients or loved ones to stop smoking? According to the Agency for Research on Cancer (part of the World Health Organization), oral cancer rates are on the rise.  As compared with 2008, oral cancer rates will increase 68% by 2030, with potentially over 790,000 people being diagnosed. Morality rates predict… Read more »

Toothache kills Ohio man

Kyle Willis, 24, of Ohio died in early September 2011. Cause of death? Ondontogenic infection that spread to his brain. Willis had gone to a dentist who told him his painful third molar needed to be extracted. The single father lacked insurance and couldn’t afford the extraction. Two weeks later, he went to an emergency… Read more »

Birthday Celebrations at Dental School

As much as I like dental school (well most days), it would not be my first choice of places to celebrate my birthday. By default, my twin sister, Maggie and me celebrated a portion our 25th birthday at the dental school.  After coming back from lunch, we discovered our mom had sent cupcakes to the… Read more »

Dental Student Exchange

During the first weeks of August, ten senior dental students (myself included!) at the University of Alabama had the privilege of participating in a dental student exchange.  Our visitors hailed from Japan — five dental students from Meikai University and five dental students from Asahi University , plus their two fearless professors. Each UAB student paired with a… Read more »