Megan Mathers

The credit test: what’s your score?

Like most students, you probably spend the majority of your time focusing on school and exams. You may have heard the term “credit score,” but do you know what the term really means and how it could impact your future? Read on for the answers…

Yes, you should still save while paying off debt

Let’s assume you are a healthy young dental practitioner.  You are working and starting to pay off some of your school loans.  Suddenly, the unexpected happens and you are left physically unable to work.  Your disability insurance does not start paying benefits for six months.  To prepare for these and other unexpected circumstances, a general… Read more »

Money Monday: the credit card conundrum

The holiday season might just as well be called “spending season.” No one wants to sit at home while their friends are out at holiday parties and shopping. While indulging in these activities, it is easy to whip out your credit card and charge everything. After all, you can pay for it in the New Year, right? Not so fast. Before you put everything from gingerbread lattes to a new IPod for your sister on those credit cards, take a step back to think…