Beastie Boy loses battle with salivary gland cancer

Last week Adam Yauch, better known as MCA of the Beastie Boys, passed away at the young age of 47. In 2009, Yauch announced that he felt a lump in his throat but dismissed it as a swollen lymph node. Later, he was diagnosed with a malignancy in his parotid gland that spread to a nearby lymph node. Unfortunately, he lost his battle with a cancer that is very treatable if diagnosed early.

This untimely passing is a poignant reminder of the role we play in prevention, not just of caries, but of all head and neck diseases. With a thorough head and neck exam, we have the opportunity to catch problems and perhaps save a patient’s life. This is yet another heavy responsibility we’ll shoulder as dentists. For now, though, it’s motivation to spend a little more time studying oral pathology.

– Megan Guthman, Chicago Administrative Extern, Alabama ’14

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