Understanding your career options

Thumbnail_2_305_206There was a time when dental school graduates dreamed only of entering private practice. But times have changed. Graduates today have a variety of aspirations and options for reaching their goals. The more you understand these options, the better your chances of having a fulfilling career.

4 leadership resources you can use right now

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 10.00.11 AMToday is the first day of ASDA’s second ever National Leadership Conference! If you couldn’t make it to Chicago for this leadership-tip-packed weekend, we still have you covered. Dentists are leaders in their practices and often their communities as well. ASDA helps prepare students for the leadership expected from health professionals. Below are four resources to hone your leadership skills right now.

A different kind of dental office

airplaneAcross the country, patients are having their dental needs met in unlikely locations. There’s no doubt, the private practice paragon has shifted over time. You’d be correct in guessing that a weakened economy has resulted in some inventive practice locals and business models.

For the jet-setting patient, an airport dentist may be the best fit. Dr. Robert M. Trager is the one and only dentist found at major airports.

Ways to challenge yourself at ASDA’s National Leadership Conference

NLC thumbnail image.fwASDA members are awesome. We’ve known that for a while. Every story I hear from local chapter leaders reminds me of how strongly the ASDA fever burns around the country. I should really start carrying a thermometer.

Our challenge, over the past year, was to plan a national conference as awesome as you. We wanted to make you think, and help you grow as leaders and dental professionals. But how can we truly challenge and inspire a room full of intelligent, dynamic, self-starters?

Our answer: Get you out of your comfort zone.