Live from NLC: videos on mentoring, networking & more

In this video, we spoke with ADA’s Immediate Past President, Dr. Bill Calnon, and his son, Tim Calnon (Buffalo ’13), after their session on finding a great mentor. We also caught up with Dr. Dan Hammer (Pacific ’11) on ethics. Next we spoke with Drs. Ryan Dulde and Chris Salierno about holding effective meetings and networking. Finally, tips on bringing vision to goal-setting and using Facebook for your professional life are delivered in the final video of the day. Watch below or click here if you’re reading this via a subscriber e-mail.

ASDA’s first-ever National Leadership Conference

ASDA’s National Leadership Conference kicked off at 7am this morning. Nearly 400 dental students descended on Chicago today to learn, network and get energized about leadership. Dental school packs a ton of information into 4 years (or 3 for Pacific), but often students find themselves missing the practice management and business skills they need to succeed in dentistry. That’s where ASDA comes in. We focus on advocating for dental students and developing the skills they can’t obtain in the clinical setting of dental school. National Leadership Conference has been a year in the making around this very principal. How can we shape dental students into the leaders they’ll need to be to run a practice, lobby for their profession and rise in the ranks of organized dentistry?

Preview: October ASDA News

As the temperatures cool down and the leaves change colors, you know it is autumn. And for me in Minnesota, that means the snow is just around the corner! But the good news is, the electronic version of October ASDA News is live! You can expect it to be in your mailbox this week! Read on for a preview of this issue…