ASDA president shares “next level leadership” to both Arizona chapters

“All future dentists can benefit from leadership development”, stressed Colleen Greene, ASDA President at the 3rd Annual ASDOH Student Leadership Retreat. Greene presented her leadership experiences to nearly 100 students from ASDOH and Midwestern and inspired them to develop their own personal leadership. The day at ASDOH began with team building exercises, and continued with… Read more »

ASDA lessons from the US presidential election

It’s 11:56 pm Chicago time on November 6—Election Night. Former Governor and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is delivering one of the more gracious concession speeches in recent memory. I have a cold, but am fighting through the fog of Tylenol PM and the stench of Vicks to hang on his words. I live for these days; in fact Election Day is second only to the State of the Union address. However, I find myself thinking about my role with ASDA.