How to not fail miserably as you graduate

D4’s, get ready…homestretch ahead. D1-D3’s, getting ready early… is exactly what you need.
As a D22, practice owner, and founder of igniteDDS, everyday, I get asked what the most successful young dentists do differently. The short story…they become president and CEO of their personal corporation.

New technology advances simulation training

mouthingoff-november“Practice makes perfect.” It’s the cornerstone of dental and medical education and training; but how do we obtain hands-on, practical experience in treating the rare or unusual case, or the life-threatening emergency? A generation ago, dental and medical students largely relied on textbooks, lectures, videos and slide presentations to learn about atypical situations that did not often present themselves during their clinical rotations.

Today, we can and are doing better. Evidence-based methodology, technology and a renewed emphasis on a culture of safety in the dental and medical office have opened up new and innovative learning opportunities. Simulation training is one of the fastest growing and most exciting of these ventures.

CRUSHing pre-clinic and clinic just got tons easier

asdanet_ignitedds_bannerThose of you who know igniteDDS, know we’re BIG BIG fans of collaboration and, at the end of the day, BIG BIG fans of giving you a GPS guide to your success. So, although, at graduation, you’ll need to master each letter in our CRUSH it acronym, today, I’m going to focus on one…the C in CRUSH it…Continue your Clinical Education.

Malpractice Insurance, swipe right

swipe-right-medpro-11When you hear the words “malpractice insurance,” you may think, “Yawn, insurance.” We get it. As much as we’d like to believe MedPro is on your mind, we (sadly) know we’re not.
The subject of malpractice insurance doesn’t have to be daunting. To keep it simple, we’ve provided a list of points to help you choose the right malpractice company for you.