Media Monday

Dentistry goes Hollywood…again

Coming back to school from Spring Break isn’t easy. Gone are the days of sleeping in past my alarm and hanging out in pajamas for the majority of the morning. Many of my classmates had exciting trips planned- some went on a mission trip to Guatamala, another celebrated her honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, and… Read more »

Social media marketing solutions for dentists

Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah and founded in 2009, My Social Practice is one of the first companies to capitalize on the impact of the booming social media industry on the dental professional world. The company posts original and informative, yet “hip” videos like, “Happy Children’s Dental Health Month!” to their YouTube channel…. Read more »

Dreaming of practice ownership? Browse 5 social media outlets, 15 min. a day

social mediaLeadership. Personal Development. Ownership. Whether you attended ASDA’s National Leadership Conference this past November or flipped through the slides online, these themes aren’t new to you! But do you wonder how you can concentrate on your studies as well as put into practice some of what you’ve learned at the conference? Read on for more resources found on the social media channels you already browse…

Media Monday: The horrible histories of Dentists

Today, I have a series of videos to brighten your Monday! Horrible Histories is a BBC children’s show that recounts history in a series of quick, lively sketches. In a recurring segment called “Historical Dentist”, Mandy, the giddy and oblivious dental assistant, guides her patients through the well-meaning, unethical, bygone practices of dentists of yesteryear…. Read more »

Media Monday: Dental Medicaid Cuts: What to do?

On August 28, the New York Times published an article describing recent cuts in adult dental coverage through Medicaid. The article told the story of nationwide reductions in dental services offered by states through their Medicaid programs. The focus was on the latest state to cut adult dental benefits, Illinois, and another state that recently… Read more »

Media Monday: Lamar goes to the dentist

Lamar Odom, who is famous for chowing down on sugary snacks with Rob Kardashian, may appear in shape, but his oral health is not. On “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, Lamar went to the dentist and spent 7 hours under general anesthesia to get all of his dental needs taken care of. This included 8… Read more »