Money Monday

How to use dental school costs as business expenses

mac on deskWhen you graduate dental school and begin working, you may incur costs that relate to your practice.  If you use a non-dental accountant to do your tax return(s), it is quite possible that they may not even inquire about certain expenses that you incurred during dental school which can be used to your advantage once you start practicing.  Books, journals and instruments you acquire during dental school are known for tax purposes as a “professional library” and can be expensed as depreciation over several years’ tax returns.  This, in turn, lowers your taxable income, which is a good thing!

How the ACA will impact your taxes this year

taxesBy now, we have all been inundated with stories about the Affordable Care Act and how health care will dramatically change as a result. How does this impact each American financially, though?

Starting this year, when you file your personal tax return, you will need to attest to whether you have health insurance coverage. If you do not have coverage, you will pay a fine. Read on…

Scholarships to help you pay for dental school

moneyThe number one concern for many students deciding whether to pursue a career in dentistry is often finding the means to pay for it. For many, student loans provide the majority of funds used to pay for dental school; however, student loans come at a high (interest) price. Scholarships can be a great way to HELP subsidize part of the burden that is dental school tuition. For those just thinking about their paths to dental school, here are some options that are available…

Questions to ask on a job interview

questionsFor those of you who think ahead or are thinking about poising yourself for future job interviews, there is no time like the present. So, when you get those job interviews, what should you ask? It will serve you well to be prepared with a list of questions and concerns and be proactive when negotiating employment terms. The following are some great questions to ask potential employers…

3 financial books to read over winter break

piggy bank with bills cropYou’ve probably heard the saying “there’s no time like the present.” Well, this is especially true when it comes to figuring out your finances. As you look toward a life of managing time and money, the sooner you get a handle on some of the basics, the better. Other than Money Monday, where should one look to start understanding the made-to-seem-complex world of finances? If you are looking for some guidance, other than the books we have mentioned in the past, here are some good reads: