Moral Monday

Ethical advertising in dentistry

thumbnail_adsAdvertising in dentistry is evolving. Social media posts, postcard coupons showing up in your mailbox – there seems to be endless ways to publicize your practice. A new practitioner is faced with an important question: how will you market your practice ethically in the midst of ever-changing advertising options?

Can you disagree with faculty?

As dental students, we work under the licenses and guidance of wise faculty with considerable experience. Since we are still learning, it’s generally easy to defer to their judgment while treating patients. Even if we have differing thoughts on what is best for a patient, they have years of clinical practice on their side. Although we lack experience, we have the advantage of knowing only the most current information. At some point we may find ourselves truly disagreeing with a faculty member – how should this situation be approached?

Why I will accept Medicaid

Dental FormsIf you’re like me, you may try to reconcile the two images you have of yourself as a future dentist: the private practice business owner and the oral health care provider. It’s the best of both worlds: to relieve pain, restore smiles and go golfing on Fridays. Right? In my state of Colorado, only 12% of dentists are willing to accept the more than 600,000 Medicaid patients in the state. Read on to find out why I intend to be one of them…

Fraudulent orthodontist’s punishment not up to par

After stealing about $700,000 from State and Federal coffers due to Medicaid fraudulence, Dr. Richard Malouf, a dentist located in Dallas, Texas, was only reprimanded to pay a minuscule amount of $46,841. Dallas’ District Attorney, Democrat Craig Watkins, filed the case against Dr. Malouf and was responsible for pursuing the penalty towards Dr. Malouf for… Read more »