Moral Monday

ADA offers ethics hotline as a member benefit

As a dental student, it’s usually pretty easy to handle ethical dilemmas during clinic with a sea of faculty watching your every move. We ask our faculty for advice in certain situations. We attend Lunch & Learns geared towards working our way through ethical situations. We’re completed invested in doing what’s right for the patient…. Read more »

4-year-old Savannah receives a silver surprise

A couple weeks ago, media sources shocked viewers and readers with the story of Savannah White. This 4-year-old girl was put under general anesthesia to have stainless steel crowns put on all of her remaining primary teeth. However, her mother thought she was only going in to have four cavities filled and was horrified and… Read more »

Moral Monday: Discussing differential diagnoses

According to Web MD’s dictionary, a differential diagnosis is “the determination of which of two or more diseases with similar symptoms is the one from which the patient is suffering, by a systematic comparison and contrasting of the clinical findings”. An experience I have had with ‘differential diagnoses’ proved to be challenging not due to… Read more »