Moral Monday

Moral Monday: It’s Mandatory

Dentists are mandatory reporters for children and vulnerable adult abuse. Are you aware of the signs of abuse? Do you know how to report it? And who qualifies as a “vulnerable adult”? An article by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office for Victims of Crime states that research indicates most injuries from abuse are found… Read more »

Moral Monday: Are overnight makeovers ethical?

Reality TV is teeming with makeover shows. From simple wardrobe transformations seen on “What Not to Wear” to complete body morphogenesis seen on the somewhat appalling show, “The Swan”, it seems that the idea of near instant beauty is a big hit with viewers.

On Tyra Bank’s “America’s Next Top Model”, a season favorite is always the makeover episode. Contestants get a change of hair style, a professional makeup application, and occasionally even dental work. Typically, the contestants accept the alterations to their appearance as dictated by Tyra, or they face elimination.