Fraudulent orthodontist’s punishment not up to par

After stealing about $700,000 from State and Federal coffers due to Medicaid fraudulence, Dr. Richard Malouf, a dentist located in Dallas, Texas, was only reprimanded to pay a minuscule amount of $46,841. Dallas’ District Attorney, Democrat Craig Watkins, filed the case against Dr. Malouf and was responsible for pursuing the penalty towards Dr. Malouf for… Read more »

Dentistry goes Hollywood…again

Coming back to school from Spring Break isn’t easy. Gone are the days of sleeping in past my alarm and hanging out in pajamas for the majority of the morning. Many of my classmates had exciting trips planned- some went on a mission trip to Guatamala, another celebrated her honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, and… Read more »

ADA offers ethics hotline as a member benefit

As a dental student, it’s usually pretty easy to handle ethical dilemmas during clinic with a sea of faculty watching your every move. We ask our faculty for advice in certain situations. We attend Lunch & Learns geared towards working our way through ethical situations. We’re completed invested in doing what’s right for the patient…. Read more »

Social media marketing solutions for dentists

Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah and founded in 2009, My Social Practice is one of the first companies to capitalize on the impact of the booming social media industry on the dental professional world. The company posts original and informative, yet “hip” videos like, “Happy Children’s Dental Health Month!” to their YouTube channel…. Read more »

Taxes: facing the “T” word

tax time“T” is for “taxes.” (Almost) everyone has to pay them in some capacity. As a general rule when creating a personal budget, you should aim to live on about 65% of your earnings and save 10%. Sadly enough, the remaining 25% or so will go toward paying taxes. Read on for more information about your taxes as a new dentist…

4-year-old Savannah receives a silver surprise

A couple weeks ago, media sources shocked viewers and readers with the story of Savannah White. This 4-year-old girl was put under general anesthesia to have stainless steel crowns put on all of her remaining primary teeth. However, her mother thought she was only going in to have four cavities filled and was horrified and… Read more »