Member Monday: update from a DC extern

WASHINGTON: As an ASDA national health policy extern in the ADA’s Washington, D.C. offices this summer, I was able to attend the Friday session of the ADPAC Board meeting in Annapolis, and had the pleasure of meeting and conversing with several members of the Board.

Moral Monday: It’s Mandatory

Dentists are mandatory reporters for children and vulnerable adult abuse. Are you aware of the signs of abuse? Do you know how to report it? And who qualifies as a “vulnerable adult”? An article by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office for Victims of Crime states that research indicates most injuries from abuse are found… Read more »

Media Monday: Sayonara snaggletooth

When it comes to smiles of celebrities, words like “perfect” and “pearly white” usually come to mind. Images of glistening white teeth in flawless arrangement are the norm for those in the limelight. However for singer-songwriter Jewel, the opposite is true. Or at least it used it be. Last week, Jewel tweeted a picture of… Read more »

Money Monday: Dental Marketing 101

Marketing and client acquisition are the lifeblood of any business and a dental practice is no exception. While it’s true that the dental industry is an evergreen niche and will always be in demand – there is still a dentist’s office around just about every corner. Due to this fact, it is imperative that you market your business accordingly – here are some ways to help you market your dental practice …

Member Monday: ASDA salutes our military

This Memorial Day, we’d like to extend a sincere thank you to those who have served in the military, in the past and present. Serving in the military is a selfless act performed by a select few. Today, we’re highlighting a few ASDA military members and a very special ASDA military wife. To those who… Read more »