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Dogs and dentistry: the importance of your pet’s oral health

Across this great nation, we dental students are learning all about the oral health issues that we will encounter in our patients during our professional career. From calculus buildup and caries to generalized aggressive periodontitis and apical abscesses, the ailments that one can face are near limitless. Did you ever think that these same issues could occur in your pet?

Are you willing to brush with chocolate?

IMG_0152-2Ever wonder what brushing with chocolate-flavored toothpaste would be like? Crest® released a new flavored toothpastes, Mint Chocolate Trek, as part of their “Be” campaign. With a phrase “Be Adventurous” on the box, I took the challenge and tried out the new flavored toothpaste. Dental students also weighed in on the new flavor and the results were surprising. Are you adventurous enough to brush with chocolate?

Tooth fairy gives a little extra this year

tooth fairyLittle cheeks rest on pillows as the night begins, but the excitement keeps eyes wide as they wait for a glimpse of the elusive sprite. They can hardly wait until morning to see what the Tooth Fairy has left behind. The Fairy spent 2013 in a particularly generous mood. Her tooth prices are on the rise and not looking to slow down any time soon. Read more to see how the Tooth Fairy’s recent spending is creating headlines across the nation!

A look at Abraham Lincoln’s oral health

lincolnTwo years ago, award-winning director Steven Spielberg, and cast members Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field, spent a few weeks in Richmond, VA filming blockbuster “Lincoln.” During their time here, the city was abuzz with changed traffic patterns, gentlemen in top hats, and rumors of where Spielberg and crew were having dinner. Admittedly, I made several trips by Richmond’s Capitol Square on my way home from school to see if I could catch a glimpse of filming. Since then, I’m interested in all things Lincoln.

Today we celebrate the 205th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth—read on for tales of Lincoln’s oral health.