What to expect as a D4

As a fourth-year dental student who is halfway through my last year, I think back to the beginning of dental school — those days of uncertainty, the dental lingo that did not yet have any meaning and a work ethic I strived to grow into. By your D4 year, you will have gained a newfound confidence. Instead of wondering what you are doing, you determine what you don’t know and how to find the answers. You will have built a patient base and discovered areas of dentistry that you like the most. The following outlines things you can look forward to as you transition into your fourth year.

5 ways you can rock your residency

For any specialty resident, dental school graduation is a tease. While friends leave to begin their careers, you’re off to the trenches of postgraduate education. Residency has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding parts of my professional pursuit. I hope to share five ways that will ease your transition into residency.

Having difficult conversations with patients

If you’ve experienced clinic, I suspect you have had at least one difficult conversation with a patient. Having these types of talks is one of the hardest parts of our jobs and can occur every day. As dental professionals, it is our duty to report the facts about our patient’s oral health to them. Once the patient is informed, they are tasked with making a decision about the course of treatment. How can we make these conversations easier for ourselves and our patients?

Creative ways to pay for attending a national ASDA event

As an ASDA predental member, there are ample opportunities to learn about the areas that make up a stand-out dental school applicant, while creating lifelong friendships at the same time. You can attend national ASDA events such as Annual Session and the National Leadership Conference, both of which include exclusive predental sessions on topics such as interviewing to Q&A panels with admissions committees, in addition to networking opportunities. The experience of attending these events is invaluable — yet it comes with a cost: registration fees, travel expenses, etc.

Tips for the holiday season

Need some advice on staying balanced and managing stress through the holidays? Perhaps you spent too much this year and need to plan for better budgeting in 2018? Here are some archived Mouthing Off blog posts to help keep you on track.

Dentistry in the U.S. Navy

Traditionally, many students graduate after four years of dental school and enter a residency or the civilian workforce. However, there is another group of dental school graduates who will serve in the military following graduation. Many of these graduates were awarded a scholarship from the Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP).

What do you do after NLC?

This year was my second time attending ASDA’s National Leadership Conference (NLC), which was held this past November. Each year, the event gets bigger and better. Now that we’re back to the dental school grind after the conference, it can be easy to return to our routines. But there are a lot of things we learned in Chicago that we can implement now in order to prepare for our careers.