Dental Composites 101

I’m excited to be a part of this blog.  My name is Dr. Ashley Mark, and  I’ve been practicing dentistry for 10 years in the Canadian Forces.  I was fortunate enough to return to school (no, not a typo) and relearn what I forgot or unlearned.  I am currently a senior resident in an Advanced… Read more »

Summer Research Reflections

While conducting research this past summer at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, I was able to go on a tour and information session at Harvard Business School. I figured it would be an intriguing adventure and maybe I would learn a little history along the way. Admittedly I left with little historical knowledge but… Read more »

Mississippi Summer Golf Tournament a Success

The University of Mississippi Medical Center ASDA’s chapter recently held its 13th Annual ASDA Fall Golf Tournament and Freshmen Welcome Cookout! The event was a huge success, raising over $7,500! We couldn’t have picked a better day for golf. Not a cloud in the sky and a high of only 91 (that is “par for… Read more »

Dental Student Exchange

During the first weeks of August, ten senior dental students (myself included!) at the University of Alabama had the privilege of participating in a dental student exchange.  Our visitors hailed from Japan — five dental students from Meikai University and five dental students from Asahi University , plus their two fearless professors. Each UAB student paired with a… Read more »

Pacific and UCSF students clean up San Fran

In a spirit of partnership and in support of the environmental health of the Bay Area, student representatives from the city’s two dental schools recently gathered along the San Francisco bay shoreline at India Basin to clean up the water and rid the shoreline of plastic pollution and other debris. Working with Sea Scavenger Conservancy,… Read more »

Tattoos and the Dental Professional

Tattoos have gone viral! It’s as though everyone has them, and in obvious places where the whole world is able to see. But, is it okay for the dental professional who is constantly interfacing with patients? As the culture changes with this new generation we see an increase in the things that were once considered… Read more »