Staying Healthy While Studying for DAT

A part of DAT preparation (or any study routine) is to eat healthy, exercise and get plenty of sleep. While studying, eat healthy snacks.  Munch on raw fruits, vegetables and salads rather than salty, greasy and sugary foods.  When making a salad, try to substitute high fat and high sodium dressings for balsamic vinegar, apple… Read more »

Ohio State ASDA: Website Shout Out

Our continuing series on chapter websites is now on its sixth installment. We are proud to feature the hard work of the ASDA leaders at Ohio State University. Click HERE for a peek into their ASDA world. OSU ASDA also staffs a thriving Twitter account and Facebook page. Is “burgeoning media empire” too strong of… Read more »

Ministry Through Dentistry

There are some things you might expect on any dental service trip: you will work very hard in conditions that are far from ideal, you may not have all of the instruments that you are accustom to using, there will likely be more patients than you will be able to treat each day, you will… Read more »