My predental experience at Mission of Mercy

Krunali As I arrived outside of the Oregon Convention Center, a calm, dark morning was waiting for the sun to rise at 5:30 am in the morning. Entering the treatment area, the hustle of volunteers and patients turned my idea of volunteering into reality. I was excited to serve people, as it was my first experience at a state level dental event on such a large scale. I was assisting various departments as per their need depending on my shifts assigned at the event.

During one of my volunteer shifts in the restorative department as a dental assistant, a 62-year female patient who had been an opera singer in the past came for multiple fillings including her upper anterior teeth. At the beginning of the treatment, she shared her previous constructive experience at OrMOM and her words revealed her gratification that had brought her again to this event.

My top 5 DAT study tips

studying at computerRemember studying for the SAT’s? Or maybe you don’t because you didn’t need to. Now we’re older and smarter, and have made the decision to pursue dentistry as a career. With that though comes its own set of preparation, most notably the Dental Admission Test (DAT). This past summer, I prepped and took the DAT. This exam is certainly no SAT, and anyone who’s set on taking it has to prepare. In my preparations for the DAT, I acquired some helpful strategies and tips that I have compiled into five simple steps to help you succeed on the DAT.

Join us in celebrating 2016 ASDA Predental Week

ASDA_Predental-Week-2016_Logo-webMark your calendar for the third annual ASDA Predental Week – best week of the year for predentals! From Feb. 21st to 27th, 2016, there will be exciting events nationwide hosted by ASDA chapters and predental clubs, as well as other activities and contests you can participate in online.

Predental Week features two amazing educational webinars, which are free for existing and prospective ASDA predental members. The week also includes local events, an Instagram contest and more! Learn more about this awesome week…

How I helped set up a new practice as a predental

This past summer, I had the unique opportunity to assist in setting up a new dental practice – Riverview Dental Care Ltd. in Saint Charles, Illinois. A relative was opening a new clinic, her first private practice, and they asked me if I wanted to help. I felt fortunate to have this experience as a predental student, as typically, one may not have these experiences until after graduating from dental school or opening their own practice.

A timeline for your ultimate predental experience

Yesterday was dental school acceptance day–the first day that dental schools start extending offers. If you aren’t quite at the point where you’re checking the mail for your acceptance letter, here are some tips on creating a compelling application.

There are endless opportunities available for predental students to enhance their applications. Most students are aware of the basic elements needed for applying to dental school: a great GPA, a high score on the Dental Admission Test, dental shadowing hours. These components are surely respected, but there are also other avenues available to leverage your experiences. It is important to discover, participate in, and highlight all potential prospects during your undergraduate career. As an enthusiastic predental student embarking on your journey toward the application and acceptance process, here are several recommendations to consider…

Dos and don’ts of dental school interviews

Waiting for interviewBy now, some of you predents have sent in your application to dental school and are awaiting interviews. You are hoping that your academic record and your essays were good enough to land you an interview and give you a chance to tell adcoms why you belong at their schools. So you finally get that email for the interview, you are excited but nervous at the same time (as you should be!). This could make or break your admission. So here are some general tips to guide you towards a great interview day…

Six tips to shadowing success

Dentist and patient looking at x-rayMaybe you became interested in dentistry because your favorite holiday was your six-month check up. Maybe you skipped the Superman comics and saw your dentist as your super hero instead. Maybe your parents are dentists or you have a family friend that inspired you. Regardless of how you became interested in the dental field, getting into dental school starts with a passion of dentistry. Shadowing a dentist is not only a near universal requirement of dental school admission, but also a way to prove your passion and expand your unilateral vision of what the day-to-day life of a dentist looks like. Here are six steps to shadowing success.