My experience in a rural Indian dental school

friendsI grew up in a small town in India. Participating in various health care camps in under-served neighborhoods helped me realize the importance of access to care and how it can affect people’s health. Serving rural communities for three years in dental school helped me make a difference in so many lives. I would love to do it for the rest of my life.

How dentistry in the U.S. differs from India

539024537I have done BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) from India. Which requires 4 years of classroom training and one year of externship. In addition to that, I have practiced dentistry in private setting for a year and that has helped me understand dentistry from both academic as well as professional point of view. After moving to the United States, I wanted to pursue the same path and for that it was very necessary to understand how dentistry is being practiced here. I was lucky enough to get several volunteering and shadowing opportunities and learn about dental practices in the US. I gained invaluable experience and it strengthened my decision to pursue dentistry here. In the process, I also observed some of the differences in dental practices between the two countries.

Why do you have to be so [dentin hyper]sensitive?

489544897Dentin hypersensitivity is the sharp, shooting pain arising from the exposed dentin in response to stimuli typically thermal, chemical, tactile or osmotic and which cannot be ascribed to any other form of dental defect or pathology. The symptoms of pain can be extremely intense and continue for extended periods of time. This could impact the person’s day to day life. A wide variety of materials and methods have been introduced to treat dentin hypersensitivity. Aside from toothpastes that are marketed to help with sensitivity, there are other methods to treat dentin hypersensitivity that many people may not know about. Here are some of those adjuncts to treat sensitivity…

How mentorship can guide you to success

178625019Mentors. Not only is finding a great mentor crucial for this long journey to becoming a dentist but also being one to fellow classmates will be benefit you. Being a first-generation college student I can’t go to my parents for this type of advice or guidance. Along this journey I have met several types of mentors.

Mentors. Not only is finding a great mentor crucial for this long journey to becoming a dentist, but also being one to a fellow classmate can benefit both of you. As a first-generation college student, I couldn’t go to my parents for advice or guidance. Along this journey, I have met several types of mentors.