9 things to bring on an interview

9-interview-itemsInterviews can be a stressful experience. Here are a few suggestions for things to bring along to make sure you interview day goes as smoothly as possible.

1. Book: Interview days often involve a lot of traveling and waiting. After arriving at the dental school, you shouldn’t be on your phone, and you can only read through the information packet so many times. Having a good book will not only give you something to do before your interview day starts, but it can also be a great conversation starter for your interviewer. However, once the day begins, it is also a good idea to be social and get to know the other interviewees.

Read on for 8 more items to bring with you!

Why you should join LinkedIn as a predental

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 8.18.11 AMAs an officer of my predental organization, it has been a challenge to plan activities and speakers that our club has not already participated in. Until recently, I had always thought resources like LinkedIn were not of much use to predental students. However, once I created an account and connected with professionals in the dental field I realized how wrong I had been!

How did predental involvement impact your college experience?

TMOM - Baylor ASDAApplying to dental school can be pretty scary! You have so many things to think about such as: shadowing hours, community service, networking, where to apply, when to apply, when to take the DAT, what to wear to the interview, and so much more! Predental organizations are a great way to get involved with a network of other predental students that are working towards the same goal: getting in to dental school!

Don’t neglect your own teeth!

smiling girlWithout a mouthful of teeth, our appearances would be startlingly different (like this!). Although skipping out on flossing a few times a week or neglecting to replace our toothbrushes regularly may not lead to a completely edentulous smile, as dental health care providers we should be careful not to neglect our own oral health.

My most influential predental experience

FAU Intro to DentistryAs far as career choices go, dentistry has only recently come into my life. As a boy I wanted to be Batman, but over time I realized I wouldn’t have sufficient funds to run my evening escapades (not to mention, keep up the daytime billionaire guise). Then I settled upon engineering. Through engineering, I discovered my true passion for crafting and restoring balance in people’s lives. It was my desire to create that motivated me to make a life changing decision to pursue dentistry. A 10-week predental course at Florida Atlantic University really solidified my choice in dentistry. Read on…

Choosing dentistry as a second career

For many new college students, choosing a career and laying the foundation to achieve that career was determined in high school. For some, changing your career path to another is actually quite common. However, what is one supposed to do when that decision is made well after college and having been out in the workforce? I was one of the latter, what many call a “career-changer.” Read more about Philip’s journey to dentistry…