How to organize a state lobby day

Lobby days are a fun and effective way to develop relationships with your congressional representatives. The goal of a lobby day is to inform politicians about the issues that affect the dental profession and the oral health of the greater community. Meeting with legislators during a lobby day will hopefully persuade them to vote in a certain way on active bills. But how do you plan a lobby day?

My Story: Treating Special Needs Patients

ASDA continues to highlight special populations as part of its National Outreach Initiative. In the fall, we are highlighting the treatment of patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This is a personal account of how treating patients with special needs can make a difference.

5 dental-themed Halloween costumes

It’s that time of year when we get to show off our creative sides at their nerdy best. If you haven’t found the perfect dental-themed Halloween costume yet, don’t fret! Here are a few ideas sure to amaze your classmates and spark your friends’ interest (because they probably won’t catch the dental reference the first time around).

How to pack like a pro

There are two types of “packers” in the world: those who pack days in advance and those who do it the night before. Independent of when you start packing, the goal is the same — to show up wrinkle-free for a memorable first impression. Use the following techniques to make sure your clothes arrive as ready as you are.

Can you benefit from meal subscription boxes?

With Thanksgiving approaching, I cannot help but chuckle at how my family decided to plan our holiday meal last year. Instead of the traditional homemade turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, we ordered eight individual meals from Blue Apron. Initially, the idea was strange to me, but everyone thought it would be convenient, allowing us to save hours in the kitchen.

A review of study-aid technologies

Technology enhances our ability to study by improving the way we interact with peers and share information. Using these apps to help make studying more efficient and organized, as well as to collaborate with my classmates, has helped my exam preparation and changed the way I study the challenging material in dental school.