Chapter Spotlight: Roseman

As a new student at Roseman University College of Dental Medicine, I couldn’t be happier with my experiences thus far. Our facilities are state of the art and the block learning system, while challenging, has kept me on point with my studies. The system has shown to be effective as evident by the performance of our current D2s on their Part I NBDE boards. They’ve performed very well and have hit the ground running on their second year curriculum.

Dental Advocacy – Leading by example

“Lead by example”, advises Dr. Phil Nauert, chairman of the DENPAC Board of the Texas Dental Association. As the dental student representative to the board, I’ve recently had the honor of hearing Dr. Nauert talk about the expectation and necessity to encourage local dental leaders to join or upgrade their DENPAC membership. (DENPAC is the Texas… Read more »

Comprehensive Basic Science Exam: take one

The Comprehensive Basic Science Exam (CBSE), according to AAMOS, was designed to measure, “understanding of the basic sciences and provide an enhanced mechanism for OMS training programs to evaluate applicants for 2013-2014 residency positions”. This test was administered for the first time ever to OMS hopefuls this past September. Hear from one test-taker on how tough the exam was and what advice he has to pass on to future test-takers.

Website Shout out: Kentucky

In today’s web-savvy world the importance of a clean, attractive, and informative website cannot be understated; it is an invaluable tool to both represent your organization to the public and provide information to your members. The dental students at the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry know this, and despite all the pressures of projects, classes, exams, patients, and volunteer activities the committed group at UK ASDA chapter have created a fantastic chapter website. Read on to find out how they did it …

Real-life social networking

How do you find a job out of dental school? With extensive student debt, most graduates are not opening their own solo practice. Many are looking for associate positions with a future buy-in option. Where do you go to find these jobs? Perhaps your state dental association has a ‘classifieds’ section on their webpage with… Read more »