Space solutions for your tiny rental

If you’re a dental student, chances are you’re also a renter. Your space could range from quite big to very small, depending on where you go to school (NY dental schools, we know how it is!). But even if you’re renting a nice little house, you probably share it with others and keep your personal items mainly to the bedroom. Living in a tiny or shared space can be stressful, but it can also be a fun challenge…

Website shout out: Oklahoma

The ASDA chapter at Oklahoma celebrated July 4th with a BANG! This bang was their brand spankin’ new website launched July 2nd. The website has been usable since June but their website designer made all updates live when he was building it and the official finished product was made right in time for July 4th. And boy was the wait worth it!

NYU goes “amalgam free”

Citing environmental concerns, the New York University College of Dentistry announced in a letter to students and faculty last week that it has decided to go “amalgam free”. According to a letter written by Dr. Mark Wolff, D.D.S., Ph.D., Chair of the Department of Cariology and Comprehensive Care and Associate Dean for Pre-doctoral Clinical Education:… Read more »

My Top 5 Dental Apps for Dental Students!

Have you ever heard of BrushDJ? Well I hadn’t either until my class got into a discussion on creative ways to get your patients to brush their teeth. It is a mobile app that randomly picks a song from your iTunes library and plays it for the 2 minute time period you should be brushing your teeth! This made me think that there had to be some other great dental apps out there that could be of use to students. Here is a list of the best ones I could find…and they are all FREE!

Lights, camera, action.. dental school?

Pop some popcorn, get out the jujubes and put a straw in the soda cup…then just stare at it, for you know it is all devastating for those pearly whites…(sigh). For those of you that suffer from the drag of summer school, take a study break, kick back, and relax and watch the self-proclaimed “Oscar-worthy”… Read more »