Lights, camera, action.. dental school?

Pop some popcorn, get out the jujubes and put a straw in the soda cup…then just stare at it, for you know it is all devastating for those pearly whites…(sigh). For those of you that suffer from the drag of summer school, take a study break, kick back, and relax and watch the self-proclaimed “Oscar-worthy”… Read more »

Jiwon’s 5 coolest* moments at the American Institute of Parliamentarian’s 2012 East Coast Practicum

As ASDA’s Speaker of the House, I’ve already been able to meet a lot of great people and take part in some super interesting events. This past weekend, I got to attend the American Institute of Parliamentarian’s East Coast Practicum near Washington D.C. where these awesome moments happened: 1) The moment when an instructor spoke… Read more »

Applying to a GPR

There are many options after graduating dental school: private practice, military, group practice, and residencies to name a few. For those of you interested in a general practice residency (GPR), here are a few tips and links you’ll want to be aware of. Programs: How do you decide what program to apply to? The two… Read more »

Cycling for Smiles

While procrastinating during finals, I found myself browsing through a list of cycling events in Minnesota. Before I knew it I was signed up to ride 100 miles in the annual Minnesota Ironman Bike Ride. Having just started cycling last fall and having never ridden more than 30 miles at one time, I immediately had… Read more »


A GPR or AEGD program is a great way to increase your speed and confidence after you graduate from dental school. Both GPR and AEGDs allow you to develop your patient management and treatment planning skills before being thrown out into the “real world.” With that being said, which program is better suited for you?… Read more »