Practical Advice

One of the coolest things about being in dental school is when your friends, family and complete strangers start to ask you dental questions.  From your great aunt to the clerk at the grocery store, people want to talk about their teeth.   They ask you questions about their mouths and about their families mouths… Read more »

To Specialize or Not?

For many of you 3rd year dental students it’s about that time for you to make the decision of whether or not to specialize.  In order to help you with your decision, I would like to share a short conversation I had with my family dentist.  I asked him if he were to do it… Read more »

European Dental Student Association Annual Meeting

The 46th annual European Dental Student Association (EDSA) meeting was held on August 22-28th in Amsterdam, Netherlands. For the first time ever, the President of ASDA was sent to Europe to attend the EDSA annual meeting. ASDA President, Corwyn Hopke shares his experience over in Amsterdam. “Amsterdam was an incredible city to host an international… Read more »

Labor Day: More than BBQs and Parades

I still remember when I first hit the working world full-time a few years ago, suddenly gaining a new appreciation for Labor Day. It’s pretty cool that there is a holiday for America’s workforce. And since I’m at an age where my summer vacations from school far outweigh my summers working all day at the… Read more »

Dental Blog Roundup

Thank you to all our readers and especially to those of you who subscribe! If you’re not a subscriber yet, it’s absolutely free and as easy as clicking “subscribe” in the little blue box to your right. Although we want you to keep tuning into Mouthing Off three times a week, I’d also like to… Read more »

Decisons, Decisions…

Like many of you, this summer has been one of soul-searching for me. This is my last year of dental school, and I have started to ponder all of my options for what to do next. Earlier this year, I had ruled out applying for a specialty…”too much school” I decided. And then I reasoned… Read more »