Dental Composites 101

I’m excited to be a part of this blog.  My name is Dr. Ashley Mark, and  I’ve been practicing dentistry for 10 years in the Canadian Forces.  I was fortunate enough to return to school (no, not a typo) and relearn what I forgot or unlearned.  I am currently a senior resident in an Advanced… Read more »

Summer Research Reflections

While conducting research this past summer at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, I was able to go on a tour and information session at Harvard Business School. I figured it would be an intriguing adventure and maybe I would learn a little history along the way. Admittedly I left with little historical knowledge but… Read more »

Tattoos and the Dental Professional

Tattoos have gone viral! It’s as though everyone has them, and in obvious places where the whole world is able to see. But, is it okay for the dental professional who is constantly interfacing with patients? As the culture changes with this new generation we see an increase in the things that were once considered… Read more »

The Journey

The summer before my senior year of college I took a film and literature course in journeys. We watched and read about 20 different stories from people of all walks of life, each embarking on different paths which crossed through fantasy, fame and even destitution. That summer, I was also starting out on a great… Read more »

Pursuing a job with the National Health Service Corps

Last week ASDA informed us of the proposed policy change by the Obama administration and Congress which would eliminate federal subsidized loan programs for graduate students to reduce the national deficit. This news is a clear sign of increasing pressure to pay off health professional loans quickly upon graduating. According to the ADA, the average dental… Read more »

What’s your cause?

This past Tuesday, I attended the annual meeting for the Forum Association of Chicagoland. Forum is an association for association professionals (yes, we have one too!). Five ASDA staffers attended the meeting. The keynote speaker was a former Marine named Rye Barcott. He started a non-profit organization for people in Kibera, a Kenyan slum. Barcott… Read more »

Where are you going this summer?

Global health externships are really popular here at Columbia and a lot of students take advantage of them. Just this past week a group of students left for a trip to Ghana. Two trips have been completed to the Dominican Republic, also groups to Cambodia, the Philippines, Jamaica, and Tanzania. The one I’m the most… Read more »