Dental Art and Humor

Have you ever wondered about the artist behind those hilarious tooth comics? ASDA member John Syrbu, Iowa ’13, delivers entertaining comics to a national and now worldwide audience. John’s work “Dental Art and Humor” is a sensation on ASDA News and Facebook. Every month, John posts a new comic that is amusing and well-received!

We want to know more about the creative man behind the hilarious comics!

When and how did you begin creating the comics?
I’ve been drawing since I was little, but my dental comics began during a Dental Anatomy course my freshman year. We were just beginning to learn about the parts of a tooth, and I drew a little cartoon on the side of my lecture packet. A classmate got a kick out of it, so I drew a couple more. Eventually, during my longer, slower-paced lectures, I used comics as a way to keep me entertained.

What inspires you to create these comics?
I started drawing the comics to entertain myself, mostly (I am easily entertained). Eventually I shared them with students and published them in our student newsletter. At an ASDA meeting my freshman year, someone suggested I submit them to ASDA News. They were well-received and I’ve submitted comics almost every month since (and plan to do so until I graduate). After a while, I realized I had a series or a “collection” of comics and decided to post them on a Facebook page for anyone that missed them in ASDA News. It was a great decision because now I have an international audience!

What do you have in mind for your upcoming projects?
Eventually it would be nice to expand Dental Art and Humor to allow for more creative and customized dental keepsakes. The ideas are there, but unfortunately the business knowledge is not. So for now I’ve created an account on Zazzle accessible from my Facebook page. I am also working on ways to apply my artistic inclinations towards other dental projects. I should have more information this spring and I’ll be sure to keep ASDA in-the-know as it develops!

Do you plan to continue creating these comics as a dentist?
Of course! As long as I have an audience I’ll keep turning my nerdy dental ideas in cartoons. The ideas may eventually shift from academic-inspired to practice-inspired concepts for comics, there’s nothing wrong with that!

Thank you John for sharing your entertaining art work!

~Erin Aying, Arizona ‘14

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Comments (5)

  1. Ellen Lim

    Love your work John. Our profession can be so serious at times so it is good to see someone bringing humor in.Thanks for writing about John Erin! If either of you are ever in the Houston area, please drop by.

  2. Erin

    Thanks Colleen & Ellen for your comments! =) I am going to Annual session and I hope I can meet up with you both =] Thanks also Ellen, really like your website!


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