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Thank you to all our readers and especially to those of you who subscribe! If you’re not a subscriber yet, it’s absolutely free and as easy as clicking “subscribe” in the little blue box to your right. Although we want you to keep tuning into Mouthing Off three times a week, I’d also like to share what we’ve been reading in the dental blogosphere. Certainly there are many blogs out there written by dentists about dentistry, but here are a few that caught my eye and kept me reading.

STUDENT BLOGS is the blog of a recent Temple graduate. He started the blog in order to give insight to the dental school experience and to share his triumphs and grievances with peers. Now this blogger has moved to Chicago for an OMFS residency at a Cook County hospital. His thorough and occasionally irreverent style of writing makes this blog entertaining as well as informative. Keep tabs on here.

There and Back Again is written by a D4 at the University of Illinois, Chicago. His quirky and again irreverent style of transcribing his dental school experience provides laughs as well as a lot of nods from fellow students. His most recent post is all about pediatric rounds and profiling the types of patients he’s seen. He doesn’t hold back, which makes this blog a solid indicator of the depths of dental school.


The University of Michigan’s Taubman Health Sciences Library runs the blog Dental Information & Library Innovation. Most of the posts are short jumping off points for topics that include clinical information, publications and education. It’s a nice resource for current strides in dental information.


Ever wonder what it would be like to be an Army dentist? Major Kendall Mower blogs frequently to give you all the in’s and out’s of military dentistry. He does a great job of relaying all the aspects of his job, his family life, and that duties that come with serving in the Army. Seeing a myriad of cases on an Army base, he also frequently posts photos of the most interesting cases he treats and gives a run down each week of what he’s seen in the dental chair. Check out Major Mower’s Army Strong blog here.

Started by Florida dentists Dr. John Gammichia, The Daily Grind is the official blog of the Academy of General Dentistry. At first read I was surprised at how personal Dr. Gammichia and his fellow AGD blogger got about their lives in and outside of the practice. But because of the candid writing style and the blunt opinions, I’m absolutely hooked. Recently Dr. Gammichia wrote a post about dress code in the practice. This set of a debate within the comments section and lead to a couple follow-up posts. It’s a fascinating topic that becomes very personal once you’re not only a dentist, but also a small business owner. The contributors of The Daily Grind really cover all aspects of general dentistry and owning a practice. Check out their contribution to the blogosphere here.


Still want more? There is a lot out there so you have your pick. The INCI-DENTAL blog is written by a 25 year old dentist named Chris O’Conner in South Yorkshire, UK. Here you have the perspective of a young dentist and international dentistry all in one. Chris also posts some detailed photos from the cases he’s seen. Marty Jablow is a general dentist from New Jersey with a special interest in dental technologies. If you have a penchant for new technology, take a look at his blog here. The Endo Blog is just what it sounds like: an entire blog devoted to endodontics. If you love to gaze at photos of root canals and watch videos of procedures, this is the blog for you.

Do you write a blog or subscribe to a blog that I didn’t mention above? Tell us in the comments section!

~Kim Schneider, Assistant Editor

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Comments (55)

  1. Richard Carlile

    I actually know Major Mower. I love reading his blog…as well as the ASDA blog of course!

  2. phoenix braces

    I love your blog. Ilove my practice and all my patients. Your blog always encurages me to keep working hard! Thanks for your ideas and opinions. Keep up the good work, for me! šŸ™‚

  3. PerspectiveDentist

    Hi everyone!

    I recently received my B.S. in Health Sciences (with emphasis on Public Health), and was thinking about applying to dental school after I complete some of the prerequisites (2 Semesters of OCHEM, 1 Semester of BIO and PHYS). My overall GPA is 3.0, but my GPA for the major is 3.46.

    I have not taken the DAT yet.

    Since most of you have gone through the path of applying to Dental Schools and know what the admission department is looking for; Would you think that my career objective is feasible, or with my low GPA, it is not even worth the time?

    Thank you in advance.
    I look forward to hearing your advice!

  4. Kim Schneider

    @ PerspectiveDentist: Thanks for the comment! Since this blog post is more than a year old, I’m not sure how many responses you’ll get to your question. I suggest re-posting it on ASDA’s Facebook wall:

    Good luck!

    • Kim Schneider

      I can’t make a recommendation because I’m not a dental student. I’m a full time employee at the American Student Dental Association. That’s why I suggested our Facebook page–you’ll have access the the opinions of thousands of dental students!

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    • Tygiene

      Thanks for this list. I think all so young dentists like blogosphere and want to discuss their works with colleagues. It help to find clients too.

      P.S.: Army Strong blog is really interesting! Thanks!

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    Excellent article about dental blog roundup.This article is new for me because i didn’t have any idea regarding dental blog .So this article is very helpful, thanks for sharing it.

    • Nicole Hunter

      I agree about
      It’s a great resource. My kids showed it to me and I have been using it ever since.

      I’m trying to use as much technology as possible in my practice and with the dental students I teach and mentor.

      It’s taken me awhile to get used to using new devices. I was wondering if anyone else had the same experience.

  11. Dr Barry Hughes


    Good work compiling this list – some of which I hadn’t heard of.
    Although not a ‘blog’ as such – I’d like to introduce my dental advice site if I may. I hope it’s of use to some folk!

    Kind regards,


  12. Henry N. Keen

    I actually like reading dental articles like this one. The reason why I like them is because not only can you learn a lot, but you also can put into practice a lot of what is said.


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