Dental-y Pinterest boards

A snapshot of Operation Smile's boards on Pinterest

If you’re a dental student, the word “boards” is terrifying and immediately disagreeable. But don’t dismay when it comes to social media’s newest member: Pinterest.

Pinterest is like social media scrapbooking. It lets you grab images from all over the web and “pin” them onto boards that you’ve categorized. You can then comment, like or repin what others are sharing.

Currently, Pinterest is hot for weddings, hair styles, shortcut recipes and fashion. But you don’t have to be a 20 something fashionista to pin. You can really find any niche you’re looking for on Pinterest. Here’s a list of some boards to follow for dental pins:

  • Operation Smile is on Pinterest. My favorite is the before & after smile board!
  • Smile Train has a similar thing going.
  • Here’s a board on dental hygiene with plenty of ideas for your peds clinic.
  • And then there are the toothy boards that are just al little creepy!

Want more dental-y boards on Pinterest? Try searching the site for terms like “dental,” “teeth,” and “dentistry.”

Do you have a dental related board on Pinterest? If so, share the URL with us in the comments section below!

~Kim Schneider, communications editor

Comments (13)

  1. Ritu

    I love Pinterest for personal use–it’s really fun and it’s easy to spend a lot of time on there! But I don’t put much dental stuff on there since not much of what we do is artistically/visually appealing in the same way a hot outfit or a delicious dessert might be:)

    I do pin my blog posts there, which happen to be dental, on a separate board, in case anyone is interested in reading them, though.

  2. Sarah Lorei

    Hi There, I graduated from Pitt dental in 2001 and last year I started an online company specializing in dental related gift items with original artwork and humor. I’m new to Pinterest so I have my favorite products from my site pinned on a dental board
    thank you,

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