Dentist in a Box

Let’s say that after graduating, you decide to backpack across the Australian Outback. Imagine that, at the beginning of this month-long trek, you happen to fracture an amalgam restoration on #3. You are in a lot of pain and nowhere near a dentist. What are you going to do? Well, luckily for you, before you left the nearest town you happened to pick up one of the Dentist in a Box kits that was created by a local dentist.

Dr. John Banky developed the Dentist in a Box in 1996. The company sells two different kits: a basic dental kit and a tooth trauma kit. The basic dental kit includes temporary material, an applicator, a mirror, and instructions. In addition to those supplies, the tooth trauma kit also includes tooth splinting material and an irrigant. The instructions in the basic dental kit can help people treat their broken restorations or teeth. The trauma kit includes splinting material to help secure loose teeth and instructions on how to store teeth that have been knocked out due to trauma.

The Australian Defense forces, schools, and sporting clubs have been supplied with these kits. Its compact size means it would make a great addition to your first-aid kit or your vacation supplies. You can order kits from the website for $27 plus the cost of shipping. The holidays are approaching, too. Do you know anyone who would appreciate this gift from his or her favorite dental student? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

~Amit Patel, Boston ’12

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  1. Dental Accounting

    This is a nice idea!. It can help patient ease the pain of their tooth temporarily. But it is also good that they will visit their dentist. Thanks for posting this.


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