Dentistry goes Hollywood…again

Coming back to school from Spring Break isn’t easy. Gone are the days of sleeping in past my alarm and hanging out in pajamas for the majority of the morning. Many of my classmates had exciting trips planned- some went on a mission trip to Guatamala, another celebrated her honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, and I stayed home to get the break from school I needed without being ridiculously tired the first day back.

In between enjoying Houston’s 80 degree weather and participating in CrossFit Open WODs, I caught up on an array of movies. It started last Monday when my brother and I were bored and decided to hit a $5-before-noon movie. There wasn’t much of an option at the time so we sat through the not so well reviewed The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. Despite obvious reasons for the bad reviews, the movie helped rekindle my love for movies and my dusty film degree hanging in my guest room.

I watched a billion movies on netflix and HBO as the week continued. From the early 90s film starring Alicia Silverstone, The Crush to my 25th watch of Grown Ups, I watched everything. One particularly interesting movie I was able to catch in a theatre (despite hitting the box office three months ago) was Django Unchained. I knew the plot of the movie before seeing it, but did not realize Dr. King Schultz was actually a former dentist in the film. The wagon he drives even┬áhas a molar on the roof. It’s no suprise Quentin Tarantino chooses dentistry as Dr. Schultz’s pre-bounty hunter profession. Tarantino is always one to push the norm- even if that means creating an old southern dentist as a now bounty hunter.


Since it is a Tarantino film, I won’t get into too many details. Dentist or not, you have to see Django Unchained. That is, if you’re behind the times like me and haven’t seen it already.

What’s your favorite movie that portrays a dentist?


~Katie Sowa, Houston ’15, 2013-14 editor-in-chief

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  1. Julius Hibbert

    I really like the scene in Coneheads where Beldar (Dan Aykroyd) gets work done on his three rows of teeth from his dentist Jon Lovitz.

  2. Rich Groves

    Ricky Gervais gets a nod for Ghost Town and I was always partial to Sidewalks of New York…but Quentin and Christoph make everything a distant second.

  3. Rachel

    Despite the sadistic portrayal of dentistry I gotta give a shout out to Little Shop of Horrors! no questions asked.

  4. Rachel

    Despite the sadistic portrayal of dentistry I gotta give a shout out to Little Shop of Horrors!

  5. Rachel

    Despite the sadistic portrayal I gotta give a shout out to Little Shop of Horrors!

  6. Chris

    Movies and WODs – sounds like a perfect week.

    Haven’t seen Django Unchained yet, I’m behind the times in a big way. It’s a must see now – never knew about the compelling dental storyline tie in!


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