Dentists + Social Media= Love?

At the ADA meetings that I have attended recently (Council on Dental Education and Licensure and the Washington Leadership Conference) the buzz phrase has been “social media”. The ADA is realizing that one of their weakest areas of membership right now are new dentists. This is a major concern, not only because this group will eventually replace the dentists that retire, but also because it is important that the ADA represents the entire spectrum of today’s dentists.

At the Council on Dental Education and Licensure meeting, the New Dentist Committee representative and I were asked to offer our perspectives on the importance of social media for the ADA. As a student who is highly involved in organized dentistry, I can clearly see the benefits of being an ADA member. I also understand how this message may not be reaching my peers though. The video below helped us express just how giant this communication medium has become.

At the Washington Leadership Conference, Brian Sodergren from the ADA Office of Government Affairs talked about how Twitter and Facebook can help legislators communicate with their constituents (and help you to communicate with them). Maybe at next year’s Dental Student Lobby Day we’ll be encouraging you to post on your senator’s wall!

~Brittany Bensch, Washington ’12, ASDA Vice President

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