District 4 second annual meeting a success


For the second annual District 4 Meeting, over sixty of ASDA’s best and brightest traveled to Raleigh, NC, to spend Valentine’s Day weekend with the one they love the most–ASDA! In place of boxed chocolates and dozens of roses, District 4 offered up a content packed meeting, complete with sessions on chapter building, continuing education classes, and a vendor fair.

District 4 Trustee, Shiven Gandhi, Georgia ’13, lead the first District 4 Cabinet in planning a meeting that more than doubled the attendance of the previous year. In September 2012, the District 4 Cabinet accepted the invitation to attend the District 5 Meeting, held in conjunction with the Alabama AGD annual meeting in Destin, FL. It was through this meeting that District 4 received the inspiration and made the contacts that made planning our own district meeting possible. Despite the diligent efforts and hours of planning of the District 4 Cabinet, our meeting wouldn’t have been possible without the help of AGD Region 19 Director, Glenn Miller, and the generous support of the North Carolina AGD.

Partnering with the North Carolina AGD allowed us to capitalize on the number of esteemed leaders in attendance at the annual meeting, including Dr. Carter Brown, AGD Vice President, Dr. Jerry Caudill, NCAGD President, Dr. Glenn Miller, AGD Region 19 Director, Dr. Carol Wooden, AGD Region 19 Trustee, Dr. Jennifer Bell, NCAGD Vice President, Dr. Gary Oyster, and North Carolina representative, Bert Jones. After careful consideration, the District 4 Cabinet was able to craft a schedule that would highlight the knowledge of these leaders and maximize the quality of content for students. Among the topics discussed were leadership, midlevel providers, health care reform, and the AGD Fellow and MasterTrack programs. With all of these leaders present, there’s no doubt that attendees had the opportunity to learn from and become inspired by some of the most accomplished dentists in the country; however, I think it’s safe to say that the leaders were just as excited to see the enthusiasm and passion students have for organized dentistry.

In addition to these leaders, we also took advantage of the knowledge of student leaders. ASDA Vice President Alex Barton, Virginia ’13, presented on student leadership and student involvement with state dental associations. District 4 Trustee, Shiven Gandhi, facilitated discussion on chapter communications, a chapter idea exchange, and presented District 4 leadership opportunities. In fact, we were able to assemble a panel of national ASDA leaders, including Alex, Shiven, District 5 Trustee Freddi Salbo, Nova Southeastern ’14, Council Associate on Education and Licensure Reem Alhussain, Virginia ’15, and Council Associate on Membership Alena Reich, Georgia ’15, to speak on their own experiences and encourage others to get involved with national ASDA.

Don’t be fooled–outside of the business meetings, there were plenty of opportunities to have fun! We joined the NCAGD at their annual Rockin’ Smiles for MOM Benefit, to raise money for the state’s Mission of Mercy Projects, had dinner, fellowship, and bonded together in the way that only District 4-ers really can.

After all is said and done, we are ever grateful to our trustee, Shiven Gandhi, members of the District 4 Cabinet, the North Carolina AGD, each of our sponsors, and to each person that chose to spend their Valentine’s Day weekend with ASDA’s District 4, for making our meeting such a success.

~Jeremy Jordan, Virginia ’15, contributing editor

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