Every day is Wellness Month

ASDA members across the country share their chapters’ Wellness Month activities via Instagram

It’s wonderful to watch ASDA chapters throw themselves into Wellness Month. From barre classes to yoga, ergonomics lunch and learns to puppy parties, ASDA members have explored all five dimensions of wellness this September.

While Wellness Month is coming to a close, that doesn’t mean your focus on personal wellness should. Wellness requires a daily commitment to thoughtful choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life. ASDA also has a year-round commitment to supporting dental student wellness, so you’ll always be able to find helpful resources. Check out ASDAnet.org/wellness for information about the five dimensions of wellness, suggested wellness activities and a directory of health centers at each dental school.

What are some important and easy ways to make sure you’re doing well every day?

  1. Get some sleep. Getting seven hours of sleep will boost your productivity and mental faculties.
  2. Commit to your friendships. Dental school takes up a lot of your time, but that doesn’t mean your relationships should suffer. You need to spend meaningful time with friends or significant others to stay centered.
  3. Stay active. Even if you don’t have time for the gym, find ways to include physical activity in your day. Walk or ride your bike to campus. Take the stairs.
  4. Breathe fresh air. Get outside every now and then. Exposure to sunshine and fresh air are proven to improve your mood, your cognitive skills and your physical well-being.
  5. Eat right. Maybe you think cooking healthy meals at home takes too long. It doesn’t have to. Check out ASDA’s wellness webinar, presented earlier this month, for recipes and helpful hacks for healthy eating:

ASDA’s Wellness Month is generously supported by ADA student members insurance plans underwritten by Great-West Financial.

~ Kasia Chalko, ASDA marketing manager

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