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This month, Money Monday focuses on simplicity.  The purpose of this post is to serve as a single spot to go back to for websites that can serve as great resources for students and recent graduates.  If you have some of your own tried and true resources, leave a comment and add to our list!

  1. Quicken or QuickBooks are great programs to learn and understand.  When you go to your accountant or financial advisor, they will likely know and understand these programs.  Use them at first to keep a budget and track your income and expenses.  Let these programs help you as you grow as professionals.
  2. This is a great resource for information about deciding whether to consolidate your loans or keep them as is.
  3. If you graduate and think about purchasing a reasonably priced used vehicle, check out carfax for useful reports and car tips.
  4. This is a good resource if you are thinking of buying a home.  You will find some great tips and articles about mortgages, foreclosure and more.
  5. This site offers a wide array of information regarding credit cards.  If you are looking for cards that will provide benefits and low rates, check out this site to compare credit cards of all sorts.
  6.  You can access one free credit report each year from each of three different services.  Use this site to access your reports about once every four months.

What financial resources do you use?

~Megan Hille, Esq., Pesavento & Pesavento Ltd.

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  1. Dental clinic in Gurgaon

    Yes ,these websites provide a great resources for students and graduates.

  2. Chelsea Jones

    Hey Megan! Great advice as always. I just spoke with a financial planner yesterday who also suggested Quicken as a great organizational tool when budgeting and doing taxes (especially if you are incorporated).

    • Megan

      Chelsea, Yes! Quicken is a GREAT tool and great way to keep track of your finances. AND, accountants know the program well, which is beneficial when someone needs help.

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