How do you separate your emotions from your career?

UPDATE: This news story was proved a hoax by MSNBC. But we still think the question of how you separate your emotions at work is valid.

Just about every news source this weekend shared the interesting story of love gone wrong with a Polish dentist. Anna Mackowiak has become infamous in a matter of a few days after pulling all 32 of her ex-boyfriend’s teeth while he was heavily sedated.

Marek Olszewski was suffering from a toothache when he called his ex-girlfriend in hopes her professionalism would overshadow their breakup. Because of his assumption and her emotions, Olszewski left the office completely toothless.

Even worse, Olszweski’s new girlfriend broke up with him because he no longer had teeth.

The abundance of attention this dentist is receiving worldwide has made me wonder how students separate their emotions from their work. I imagine in some situations it may be easier said than done. I’m sure plenty of women would love to show revenge on their ex boyfriends, but if I was in Mackowiak’s shoes, I would refer my ex to another dentist as to not interfere with my professional career. However, there may be a different situation that tests my ability to control my emotions in the workplace. It’s important to know how to overcome this hurdle and what better way than to learn from those of you who have been presented with a similar situation.

How would you have handled this situation or anything else that evokes strong feelings?

~Katie Sowa, Electronic Editor, Houston ’15

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