How to “wreath” (& Merry Christmas!)

We’re taking a different spin on this week’s Lab Work Wednesday and learning how to “wreath”!  Last summer my classmate and I were talking, and realized that we had officially become dental school nerds. We needed a hobby other than waxing crowns, trimming models and setting denture teeth in order to keep us sane. We decided to start a business doing what we already loved to do –  make wreaths. Our Etsy business, KMMGdesigns, has done better than we could have hoped, and has been an excellent supplement for our ever growing school debt. Although keeping up with school and maintaining a high business standard has been challenging at times, it has been a great learning experience and an even better excuse to get together and find our creative outlet. If you’d like to create one of our favorite holiday wreaths for yourself (or for a gift), you can follow these directions. Good luck, and happy wreathing!

How to Make our Woven Burlap Holiday Wreath: 

Supplies include:

18 inch wire wreath form

30 feet of 5 inch red burlap ribbon

floral wire

your favorite holiday floral stem

  1. Hot glue one end of the burlap ribbon to the wreath form.  Begin weaving the burlap ribbon in and out of the wire frame, creating large, loose loops as you go.
  2. After you make 2-3 loops, push them back together, creating a fuller, gathered appearance.
  3. Continue this pattern all of the way around the wreath, and glue the end of the ribbon to the back of the wreath to hold its place.
  4. Add in your favorite floral stems, and wire the stems to the back of the wreath form with floral wire.
Materials Needed

Materials Needed

Making the Loops

Making the Loops

Finished Wreath!

Finished Wreath!


Merry Christmas!

~Kayla Muszynski and Megan Griffin, Oklahoma ’15


About Kayla Muszynski and Megan Griffin

Kayla Muszynski (left) grew up in Belton, Texas. She graduated from Abilene Christian University and is now in the 2015 class at the OU College of Dentistry. Megan Griffin (right) grew up in Edmond, Oklahoma. She graduated from University of Oklahoma and is now in the 2015 class at the OU College of Dentistry.

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