Is being a dentist the best job in America?

What’s the best job in America? It’s being a dentist of course. Yes, as a 4th year dental student my opinion may be biased so I thought I’d do a little research to see how dentistry stacks up among other professions. Here is what I found:

In 2010, ‘dentist’ ranked number 12 on CNN’s Best Jobs in America list. Checkout this link to see the full list.

While I could not find ‘dentist’ on the Forbe’s list of Top 10 Best Jobs for 2011, I was a little surprised to find ‘dental hygienist’ as #10. Check out this link to see the other professions that made the cut.

While dentistry was not number one on the CNN or Forbes list, it’s number one in our book and that’s all that matters.
~Matthew Ronconi, Los Angeles ’12, contributing editor

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