Jiwon’s 5 coolest* moments at the American Institute of Parliamentarian’s 2012 East Coast Practicum

As ASDA’s Speaker of the House, I’ve already been able to meet a lot of great people and take part in some super interesting events. This past weekend, I got to attend the American Institute of Parliamentarian’s East Coast Practicum near Washington D.C. where these awesome moments happened:

1) The moment when an instructor spoke about appropriate times to use your gavel, and I see the two parliamentarians sitting closest to me quietly reach into their bags and pull out a gavel AND gavel block.
2) The moment when I got to say, “Objection!” as the chair of the investigatory committee during a mock trial we had for disciplinary action. Finally, watching all those Law and Orders pays off.
3) The moment when I realized that I am getting personal feedback from one of the authors of Robert’s Rules of Orders Newly Revised and an author of The Standard Code (which is what ASDA goes by). Only one of the coolest* moments EVER.
4) The moment when one of our instructors reviewed codes of conduct and various criteria that should guide the governing body when in meetings, and I could go through each of the many points and say with total confidence that the ASDA Board of Trustees and the Executive Committee go by every single one of them. Pretty great to realize that although we are students, we are just as, if not more, professional and top notch as famous, high-profile corporations and organizations.
5) The moment when I realized that even though most of these parliamentarians have decades of experience on me, they value my opinions and presence during the vigorous discussions they have, culminating in asking me to make a speech at the closure of the practicum about my experience there. Talk about decorum.

*The word cool is subjective and in this case refers to unbridled excitement over parliamentary procedure.

~Jiwon Lee, Speaker of the House, Columbia ’14

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    • Jiwon

      Hey Ben, I think you made a typo in your comment and meant to say ‘Super cool’? But thank you!

  1. Jordan Richert

    I’m sure you will rule over Annual Session 2013 with an iron fist!

  2. Carolyn Norton

    I love the asterisk/disclaimer at the bottom. Thanks for sharing with us a little bit of Jiwon. 🙂

    • Jiwon

      Thanks Carolyn! The asterisk is important in case someone expected me to mention skateboarding tricks or meeting Angelina Jolie 🙂

    • Jiwon

      This is exactly the kind of supportive awesomeness that makes ASDA awesome, thank you Cheryl!

  3. Sumit P

    Jiwon- this is probably the best thing that i have ever read in my entire life. Thank you.

    Seriously though- great representation of ASDA.

    • Jiwon

      Thank you Sumit. I would also recommend the Harry Potter books and Kafka’s Metamorphosis if you need more reading material. I think you would also really enjoy Eat Pray Love. Happy Thursday!

  4. Ivana Ridzon Yazbek

    I loved your post, too. It’s very insightful and shows your passion for ASDA. You certainly are having ASDA fever. That’s a great thing to feel.

    • Jiwon

      Thanks so much Ivana. ASDA Fever is a real thing! It lasts way longer than a real fever but luckily it’s healthier 🙂

  5. Dr. Ryan Dulde

    Oh man, Jiwon…I see some of the same faces in that crowd from two years ago. Hope you weren’t getting too crazy with this rowdy bunch. Glad you had a great experience–it’s a very valuable opportunity.

    • Jiwon

      That would have been so much fun if you were there too! You would have loved the mock trial, loved it I tell ya. The entire practicum was an amazing learning experience for sure!

  6. Katie Divine

    Too funny Jiwon. Can we practice saying “objection” as roomies in July? Haha.

    • Jiwon

      I’ll make sure to do it right when you’re on the brink of falling asleep! I have to warn you, it is SUPER fun to do.

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