Love Missing Teeth? Become an Ice Hockey Team Dentist

Chicago is in the middle of ice hockey mania. With the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup finals, many Chicagoans have become overnight hockey fans. The last time the Blackhawks were in the Stanley Cup was 1992, and the last time they won the coveted honor was 1961. Just a few years ago, ESPN ranked the Blackhawks as the worst franchise in sports.

Many sports are dangerous, but one of the appeals of ice hockey is watching the athletes slam into each other, the boards and the ice. It’s no surprise that you often see photos of hockey players with gaps in their smiles.

Just a couple of weeks ago, one Blackhawks player had a particularly spectacular incident: defenseman Duncan Keith took a puck to the mouth in a playoff game, knocking out seven teeth (two of them were already fake). After a quick absence from the ice and some shots to numb his mouth, Keith was back to play the remainder of the game.

Of the 11 medical staff members listed on the Blackhawks’ website, four are dentists. You have to admit, this environment would be an exciting place to work. So for all you interested dental students out there, no doubt there are many more teeth to be knocked out for years to come.

(Go Blackhawks!)

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  1. Michael Payne

    I always wondered how many dentists worked for hockey teams…apparently way more than I expected. I always thought that would be an amazing job to have!

  2. Charley Burright

    It’s a high-impact sport. Keeping your teeth intact during a game is hardly easy when the other team is trying to beat you, but at least there’s a way to replace them.


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