Masticators Bring Home the Championship

Top Row (from left to right): Matthew Ronconi, Josh Perisho, Robert Jungman, Ryan Gustafson, Nick Pelachyk, Kirk Morris, Chad Green. Bottom Row (from left to right): Lindley Zerbe, Greg Shvartsman, Seth Ichikawa, Brady Nielsen

Participating in Intramural Sports is a fun and easy way to stay healthy and relieve stress during dental school. One of the many perks of attending dental school at UCLA is the stellar Intramural Sports program. Intramural Sports provides me with the opportunity to spend some quality time with my dental school buddies outside the classroom and clinic. Over the past three years, I have enjoyed playing indoor soccer, basketball, softball, and flag football. Of all the intramural sports offered at UCLA, the sport that I enjoy playing the most is softball.

On Monday, May 23, my class softball team, the Masticators, took home their 3rd Intramural Men’s Softball championship in as many years. The Masticators are comprised of 12 UCLA 3rd year dental students and 2 UCLA 4th year dental students. While there is no denying that it’s fun to walk away with a championship at the end of a season, the real fun is spending time with good friends. Greg Shvartsman (UCLA ’12), the captain and 3rd baseman for the Masticators explained, “IM softball is the one thing that I look forward to the most every spring. It is a great way to get away from school work, and also to build camaraderie with my classmates.” Intramural Sports are truly a favorite pastime of many dental students at UCLA. While the time commitment of IM sports is minimal, the good times are plentiful.

~Matthew Ronconi, UCLA ’12, Contributing Editor

Editor’s Note: You can read an article on wellness from team member Chad Green in the current issue of Mouth, and another  health-related article from team member Lindley Zerbe in the April issue of ASDA News. Congrats and thank you for writing for ASDA!

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