Member Monday: update from a DC extern

WASHINGTON: As an ASDA national health policy extern in the ADA’s Washington, D.C. offices this summer, I was able to attend the Friday session of the ADPAC Board meeting in Annapolis, and had the pleasure of meeting and conversing with several members of the Board.

The American Dental Political Action Committee (ADPAC) Board is primarily consisted of an ADPAC Trustee from each ADA district, Chair/Vice(Co)-Chair, as well as other representatives from different organizations (i.e. American Student Dental Association [ASDA]).

The ADPAC board meets biannually and discusses all issues pertinent to their legislative concerns, logistics of their grassroots enterprises, as well as future marketing campaigns (picture below).

Especially in consideration with the new health care reforms coming from Washington, this board meeting maintained an environment of focused excitement and careful navigation through Board issues, in order that the outstanding decisions and policies of the Board would be intently and exactly decided.

ADPAC is invaluable in advancing and advocating for domestic health policy. ADPAC, the political arm of the ADA, does this by meeting with Congressional representatives as well as members of the representative’s staff to discuss the ADA’s position on current health policy and legislation. ADPAC works for you: dentists and dental students! This organization has established for itself a well-respected name on the Hill, and is continually and successfully lobbying for its members’ interests.

The ADPAC raises money through generous donations by its members. The monetary support raised is then legally and ethically donated to campaigns of both representatives and candidates who believe in health policy which coincides with the ADA’s position of “advancing oral health in the public.” There are many federal regulations which the ADA and ADPAC must follow, and one specifically is that the cap on the donations to representatives can exceed no more than $5,000.

The advancement of oral health in America, as well as the successful nature of ADPAC, is made possible by active members.

To get involved:

1. Visit Seriously. Everything you need is located on that site under “The Issues” tab.
2. Contact your regional legislative coordinator or legislative liaison for information you need on holding an ADPAC Drive at your school.
3. Read your Legislative Liaison Handbook!
4. Contact your state dental association and get in contact with a legislative director who can help with setting up meetings with members of Congress.
5. Contact your local ADPAC Board member! Here!

Full article and blog:

Taylor Koren, Baylor ’15, Washington national health policy extern

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  1. Sara Mahmood

    Hey Taylor! So proud of you for all the work you’re doing on behalf of our field. ADPAC sounds like an amazing organization for us to support. They’re advocating on our behalf and they’re doing it so well. Thanks for sharing your experiences!


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