Money Monday: The Olympic-sized cost of Lochte’s grill

If you’re anywhere in the world right now, your eyes have most likely (and rightfully should) been glued to the Olympics. This is the once-in-every-four-years chance to wear red, white, and blue for three weeks straight. Despite the internet spoiling almost every primetime event I want to watch, this Olympic season has proved to be just as good as my all-time favorite ’96 Olympic Games. An avid swimmer, I’ve enjoyed watching Lochte emerge as a powerhouse and Phelps continue to reign as the best American swimmer.

Lochte became famous out of the water with his American Flag grill he attempted to wear on the podium. For those who only watch swimming once every four years, it may come as a surprise to know this isn’t Lochte’s first grill. Everytime he steps on the podium in any swimming championship, he wears a grill. It’s his gimmick.

Now, I realize some of you may not live an area where grillz are fashionable, but I live in Houston- home to Paul Wall. It was no surprise to learn Paul Wall was the designer of Lochte’s teeth jewelry. This controversial American flag grill was said to cost upwards of $25,000. This is the fourth set made by the rapper for Lochte, and the most extravagant. Grills can cost as low as a couple hundred to as much as Lochte’s and more. Paul Wall tells ESPN he’ll be making gold grills for any Olympic winner. Seeing as how I’ll be on the lookout for buying gold to cast a gold crown this year, I can only imagine how much a solid gold grill can cost!

The ADA recognizes that there are no studies stating the effects of long-term wear of grills, but recommends grill wearers to limit the time spent wearing the grill. At any rate, if you have a patient who wants information on grills, this handy piece of paper written by the ADA is a great resource to help them understand the consequences behind this fad.

Check out Paul Wall’s interview with KHOU/Houston CBS Affliate for a little behind the scenes look into making grills here!

~Katie Sowa, Houston ’15, Electronic Editor

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  1. dental practice sales

    It is true that this style is more popular in the midwest than the rest of the country. Many of the people watching were not very impressed with his grill but they are very cool and detailed. The cost of those things get crazy the more unique it is.


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