My Top 5 Dental Apps for Dental Students!

Have you ever heard of BrushDJ? Well I hadn’t either until my class got into a discussion on creative ways to get your patients to brush their teeth. It is a mobile app that randomly picks a song from your iTunes library and plays it for the 2 minute time period you should be brushing your teeth! This made me think that there had to be some other great dental apps out there that could be of use to students. Here is a list of the best ones I could find…and they are all FREE!

My Top 5 FREE Dental Apps!
1. ePocrates– the #1 mobile drug reference guide that even includes a feature to check drug interactions
2. Dental Spanish Guide– one of the most useful apps I have seen for dentists, it has common dental phrases in Spanish including all parts of the appointment from pre-exam to discharge instructions
3. Dentistry ProConsult– Forgot how to use your facebow…Just watch this video or one of the many other dental videos for a refresher course! Developed by Georgia Health Sciences University.
4. Dental Expert– the fun facts section has interesting dental facts like “the tooth fairy pays an average of $2 per tooth”!
5. Orasphere– ever wish there was an easier way to explain a root canal procedure to a patient… just show them this video!

Last but not least, a fun app that’s also free from Juicy Fruit. Sweet Talk shows talking mouths saying ridiculous things while you hold the phone up to your face. It’s a great party trick or might even work in the Pedo clinic!

Are there any free dental apps you use? Share them in the comments section below!

~Lia Kalliath, Alabama ’14, Chicago Administrative Extern

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Comments (9)

  1. Katie Divine

    That Juicy Fruit picture is a little creepy… but I’m definitely going to try that app (and the others!) out.

  2. Colleen

    This is a great collection, Lia! I just got my first Apple mobile device and really need to get all these downloaded.

    Anyone have tips on the best document management, note taking, etc. apps or stylus for writing on the screen? So many classmates seem very smooth with these things – I need a tutorial!

  3. dental equipment

    As an odontologist, I use these apps very often! Sometimes to check something, sometimes to learn something new. And it’s super fun and convenient because your cell phone is always in your hand, books are not so easy to carry!


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