Money Monday: of icebergs and interest rates

And the Oscar for best MS Paint metaphor goes to...

Given the debut of Titanic 3D last month, you couldn’t have missed that April 15th was the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. I was in Chicago that weekend for ASDA council and board meetings. Money was on my mind since April 15th is also Tax Day and I may or may not have finished my returns by then…

The following day kicked off ASDA’s National Dental Student Lobby Day in Washington, D.C. While in town, I had the opportunity to speak at an Academy of General Dentistry meeting being held concurrently.

My remarks focused on student debt possibly being the iceberg that could sink the Titanic of dental education. I told the AGD audience about the critical shortage of dental student scholarships. This philanthropy famine is evidenced by ADA Survey Center data that only 35% of graduating seniors reporting that they received any scholarship or grant money to support tuition.

It’s well known that medical students incur far less debt than dental students. I’ve written about these frustrations before.

Do you feel like you’re sinking in student debt? What can be done to remedy this crisis? Comments are welcome below.

~Colleen Greene, Harvard ’13, president

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