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ASDA Puerto Rico gears up for a new year

Earlier this year the University of Puerto Rico School of Dental Medicine, along with ASDA Puerto Rico chapter hosted their Wine and Cheese event. During the reception, Dr. Humberto Villa, dean of the institution, recognized the efforts and dedication of the previous council. They carried out numerous activities, which benefited not only the school’s society… Read more »

Toothy Christmas song tops the charts (*in 1949)

As I was enjoying some of my favorite holiday music, I came across a classic song that is actually relevant to dentistry. Have a listen: So I bet you are wondering where a song like this comes from. Well, according to Wikipedia… “All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth” is a… Read more »

Tooth sugar cookies: a how-to

Now that the semester is over for most of us, it’s time to get back to a regular sleep schedule, spend some time with the friends and family we’ve ignored the past few months, and avert our minds from all things teeth just for a few days.  Okay, well maybe not ALL things teeth –… Read more »

Dental Holiday Gifts 2.0

Last year I wrote about my hesitation for buying oral-health-related presents for family and friends. This year I didn’t even question myself when ordering two electric toothbrushes for unsuspecting family members through our class fundraiser. Have I lost my sense of caution that such gifts could be misinterpreted as pushy? Absolutely. I’m almost a dentist,… Read more »

Stony Brook ASDA: Website Shout Out!

Stony Brook has a awesome website that was made this summer by webmaster Vince Badali. On their home page, they feature their new Ethics video – The Unprofessional, Stony Brook’s own blog, along with links like National ASDA, ADA and the Next DDS. I interviewed Lauren Jain, president; Alex Sadak, legislative liaison; and Vince Badali,… Read more »